Reaction By Viora & What Causes Hiccups: The Doctors June 13 2012


The Doctors June 13 2012

Are you seeing the wrong doctor? It’s possible, and it happens more often than you think. But if the physician you’re seeing doesn’t seem able of getting to the bottom of your symptoms, it may be time to make a switch before things get even worse. This episode also featured Reaction by Viora, information about Male Breast Cancer, and a cure for Whooping Cough. Check out these links for more information on The Doctors June 13 2012 show.

Flamingo Air’s Mile High Club

Reaction By Viora Review: The Doctors June 13 2012

The Doctors June 13 2012 included a Reaction By Viora Review of the new surgery-free flat stomach procedure.


When you think of the Mile High Club, you probably think of danger and excitement (or the cramped, unsexy realities of airplane restrooms.) But one airline has set out to change all that by advertising that customers can have the chance to make their fantasies come true in midair. The Doctors talked to the man behind Flamingo Air’s Mile High Club. Plus, could your doctor be lying to you about mistakes he or she has made? Learn the shocking stats.

The Doctors: Flamingo Air Mile High Club Flights & Do Doctors Lie

The Doctors: Pineal Gland Brain Tumor Surgery

Christa is a woman on a mission to find the cause of her mysterious health issues. Though she’s seen many specialists, there aren’t many options for her rare brain tumor condition. Meet the surgeon who finally broke through and helped turn Christa’s life around.


The Drs: Pineal Gland Brain Tumor Surgery New Procedure Technique

Hiccup Remedies & What Causes Hiccups

They happen all the time to children, and maybe they occur less for you during your adult life, but the fact remains that Hiccups can be annoying and uncomfortable. What causes Hiccups, and what can you do about them? Also, did you know there can be serious medical consequences for people with chronic Hiccups?

The Doctors: Hiccups, Blisters & Tingling Butt Symptom Warnings

The Drs: Reaction By Viora Review

It’s the latest cutting edge treatment for unwanted fat and excess skin. Do you want to get a flat stomach after your pregnancy without going under the knife? Reaction by Viora uses radiofrequency to get patients the results they’re seeking. Find out how it works and if it could be right for you.

Reaction By Viora Radio Frequency Fat Treatment Review

Whooping Cough Vs Croup

People can have colds any time of year, even in the summer. But when you have a cough, how can you tell whether it’s minor or a sign of a more serious health condition? Dr Jim Sears shared advice for differentiating between types of coughs in adults as well as children. Find out how a Chronic Cough Asthma Test can help some patients.

The Drs: Whooping Cough, Croup & Chronic Cough Causes & Cures

The Doctors: Male Vs Female Breast Cancer

Though it’s most commonly thought of as a female disease, Breast Cancer affects patients of both genders. Learn why it’s important for men to be aware of the symptoms. Plus, what does your fecal matter say about what’s going on inside your body? The Doctors take stock.

The Doctors: Male Breast Cancer & What Is A Pathoecologist


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