Prickless Glucose Monitor & Melanoma: The Doctors August 15 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 15 2012

The Doctors August 15 2012 presented an emotional roller coaster of true stories affecting families. It’s quite the mixed bag of sad stories, healthy habits and most wanted advice. Find out how to make your own Rice Cakes and be uplifted by the story of a woman who walked for the first time after six years in a wheelchair. Check out these segments from The Doctors August 15 2012.

The Doctors Rice Cake Recipe & Planned Parenthood Condoms

Prickless Glucose Monitor: The Doctors August 15 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 15 2012 show reviewed new Prickless Glucose Monitor and medical technology that could help people walk again.


When you are trying to make healthier food choices, temptation is everywhere you turn. The Doctors illustrated some common traps to look for so you can avoid them. They also recommended creating your own indulgent snack using Rice Cakes as the base, because they’re filling and make a great snack sandwich. Also, find out about the viral Planned Parenthood campaign that raised a few eyebrows among The Doctors team.

The Doctors Post-Workout Pump Up Snack: Rice Cake Recipe

Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton Review: Tamara’s Story

There may be new hope for people confined to wheelchairs. The Doctors profiled Tamara, who lost the use of her legs after a tragic accident that killed her boyfriend. (A horse crushed the roof of the cab they were riding in. That’s a horrifying twist of fate!) Now Tamara and others have renewed hope thanks to the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton. And sure enough, Tamara showed off that the bionic legs really do work.


The Doctors: Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton Review

The Drs: Prickless Glucose Monitor & Imiquimod for Scars

The Doctors had a few more new tech tricks to show off. Researchers have also developed a new product for Diabetic patients. It’s a prickless glucose monitor, which means no more sticking your finger a dozen times each day. Between this and the Artificial Pancreas, it’s an exciting time in Diabetes research.The team also ran down three aggressive treatments for scars, including Imiquimod.

Echo Therapeutics’ Prickless Glucose Monitor & Imiquimod for Scars

The Doctors: Melanoma Via Pregnancy & Electric Toothbrush Warning

The Doctors shared a rare medical case of Melanoma passed from a mother to child during pregnancy. Find out what one family member is doing in hopes of preventing this from happening to others. Also, if your kids use an electric toothbrush, you’ll want to find out why that could be putting them at risk.

The Doctors Most Surprising Reason For Spring Weight Gain



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