Pregnant Man Transgender Surgery: The Doctors August 7 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 7 2012

The Doctors August 7 2012 episode spent the hour on two separate compelling topics. First, it was an update on the latest chapter in the fascinating saga of the pregnant man. Then, The Doctors revisited a sad story about addiction and a young woman’s struggle for recovery. Here is what you missed on The Doctors August 7 2012 (this show originally aired on The Doctors May 1 2012).

Pregnant Man: Gender Reassignment Surgery

Pregnant Man Update: The Doctors August 7 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 7 2012 show featured an update on the Pregnant Man and past guest Nicole, who is addicted to Heroin.


Thomas Beatie made headlines as the pregnant man when he gave birth to three children. He is a female-to-male (FTM) transgender, and he was able to give birth even though his wife was biologically unable. The next step in his life’s journey was to pursue gender reassignment surgery to complete the process of physically transforming from female to male.

To accomplish this goal, he worked with leading transgender surgeon Dr Marci Bowers, who explained the process and her personal connection with Thomas’s story. He had to decide about the type of procedure he wanted and she explained the complexity of the path he chose.

Thomas reported back about the complications he encountered following surgery. He also gave an update on his personal life, revealing that he and his wife Nancy are currently separated. He also revealed whether he is happy now that he has gone through sex change surgery.


Debbie & Brandon Knauss: Heroin Addiction & The Interventionists

Last year, The Doctors met a young woman named Nicole who was struggling with heroin addiction. Debbie and Brandon Knauss are a team of intervention specialists who help families cope with drug addiction and crisis situations. Previously, they helped Nicole and her mother agree to pursue treatment.

Sadly, Nicole relapsed shortly after her stint in rehab, and soon was back to her destructive behaviors. Her mother also found herself once again enabling her daughter. They reunited with Brandon and Debbie on The Doctors, where they received some tough love regarding their situation.

Mother Gina realized that she needed to look out for herself and her grandson, and feared that young Mason would lose both his parents to drugs. Nicole agreed to enter treatment immediately, and following the taping completed detox and was admitted to an addiction center.

Debbie and Brandon’s work is featured in the upcoming reality series The Rehabilitators, which profiles their home and work lives. Nicole sought help at a special facility for people who have relapsed, the Benchmark Treatment Center.


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