Nicotine Gum Addiction & Weight Loss: The Doctors July 13 2012 Recap


The Doctors July 13 2012

Do you procrastinate when it comes to changing your life or correcting bad habits? The Doctors July 13 2012 show featured steps and solutions to help people overcome the tendency to procrastinate so they can change their lives for the better. Learn about a Mob Wives star’s botched plastic surgery and how hypnosis cured a woman’s addiction to nicotine gum. Check out these segments from The Doctors July 13 2012 show. (This episode originally aired on The Doctors April 19 2012.)

Pill Cures Racism? Did Ashley Judd Have Plastic Surgery?

Procrastination, Weight Loss & Bad Habits: The Doctors July 13 2012 Recap

The Doctors July 13 2012 show featured procrastination cures to break bad habits & spur weight loss, among other hot topics.


Earlier this year, Ashley Judd found herself under the microscope when some observed that her face appeared puffy. Did she have plastic surgery or injections? Or could there be a medical explanation for her situation? The Doctors also explored new research that suggests a medicine could be developed to cure racism. Then they met a woman addicted to the color pink.

The Drs: Propranolol Cures Racism & Ashley Judd Puffy Face Controversy

Rashel Miracle Peel Review & Trichotillomania

Is your adolescent pulling her hair out? This condition, Trichotillomania, could have serious health consequences, but there are a variety of methods for treatment. The Doctors also highlighted the Rashel Miracle Peel that can be used as an affordable home treatment to fight aging.


Rashel Miracle Peel Review & Trichotillomania Hair Pulling Treatment

Nicotine Gum Addiction: Hypnotherapy Treatment Results

We’ve heard about hypnosis before, but does it really work? That’s in the eye of the beholder. The Doctors put it to the test on a woman who is addicted to chewing Nicotine Gum. Though this habit does not have as many negative side effects as smoking, it’s still something that they hoped could be corrected through hypnosis.

The Doctors: Addicted To Nicotine Gum: Hypnotherapy Treatment Results

Charles D’Angelo Think And Grow Thin Review & Gluttony Gene

Charles D’Angelo changed his life and lost over 150 pounds. Now he works to help others find fitness success through coaching and his book, Think And Grow Thin. Meanwhile, the genetics excuse for obesity could find new credence in research that suggests a Gluttony Gene could prevent the brain from knowing that someone is full.

The Drs: Charles D’Angelo Think And Grow Thin Review & Gluttony Gene

Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano’s Plastic Surgery Nightmare

The VH1 reality series Mob Wives got more than it bargained for when star Renee Graziano went for a routine plastic surgery procedure that could have turned deadly. The reality personality joined The Doctors and shared the horrific details of the procedure that nearly killed her.

The Doctors: Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Botched Plastic Surgery

The Doctors: Toddlers Swearing & Renee Graziano Update

Renee Graziano’s new plastic surgeon shared his plan to correct her botched procedure and help her get back to feeling like herself. The Doctors also weighed in on the consequences of potty mouthed parents. Find out the age when toddlers swearing could start to be an issue in your house.

The Doctors: Toddlers Swearing & Renee Graziano Update


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