Miracle Anti Aging Pill & Twins In 2 Uteruses: The Doctors July 3 2012


The Doctors July 3 2012

The Doctors July 3 2012 show featured a variety of topics with a common theme. Some health issues and conditions are hereditary or caused by certain factors. But no matter who you are, where you are born, or what your biology has in store for you, there is one natural health concern that you will face for the rest of your life: aging. But is it possible that a magic bullet is finally out there to deal with this also? Here are the segments and highlights from The Doctors July 3 2012.

Twins In Two Uteruses & Helping Toddlers Adjust To Newborns

Twins In 2 Uteruses: The Doctors July 3 2012

The Doctors July 3 2012 shared the rare case of Florida twins born in two uteruses, and a review of a new anti-aging drug.


The Doctors shared the remarkable story of a Florida woman who was pregnant with twins. Though multiple births are commonplace these days, it’s rare that a case involves two uteruses. Find out what this means for the health of the twins, and whether it could happen to you and your family. Also, do you know how to help your child adjust when a new arrival is on the way to join your family? Dr Jim Sears shared some helpful pediatric advice.

The Drs: Twins In Two Uteruses & Helping Toddlers Deal With Babies

The Doctors: Miracle Anti-Aging Pill?

Have you heard about Rapamycin, the new “forever young” pill designed to reverse the effects of aging? The Doctors took a look at this fascinating new advance in medicine. Humans have been searching for a fountain of youth throughout history, but could this one come with too steep a price? Also, you’ve heard about Celiac Disease, but did you know that your makeup bag could contain Gluten? Find out what to watch for when you are looking at cosmetics.


The Drs: Rapamycin Anti-Aging Pill & Does Makeup Contain Gluten

Drs Q&A: How To Stop A Charlie Horse & How To Spot A Liar

When people have big medical questions and aren’t sure what to do, they often turn to their own doctors for advice. But countless viewers write in to the show to share their questions and health concerns (and skip a co-pay, right?). The Doctors tackled answers to questions about stopping a Charlie Horse muscle cramp. Also, find out how you can tell if someone is lying. Find out how to improve your breathing naturally, and how to tell the difference between spotting vs your period. The Doctors had an answer for everything. They can even tell you how to deal with a boss who won’t stop breathing down your neck.

The Doctors: How To Stop A Charlie Horse & How To Spot A Liar

Band-Aid Dermatitis & How To Get Younger Looking Hands

No matter how gracefully you age, one telltale sign of your true years could actually be in your hands. But in the modern era where plastic surgery can fix almost everything, why shouldn’t there be a treatment that can help you have more youthful hands? Now it’s here, and The Doctors showcased it. Finally, they addressed a new form of Contact Dermatitis caused by a product designed to help you heal: the adhesive bandage.

The Drs: Band-Aid Dermatitis & How To Get Younger Looking Hands


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