Fig Appetizer & Slimmer Sloppy Joe Recipe: The Doctors August 31 Recap


Slimmer Sloppy Joe Recipe: The Doctors August 31 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 31 2012 episode featured a Slimmer Sloppy Joe Recipe and Dr Lisa's Fig Appetizer.

The Doctors August 31 2012

We all want to be healthier, get fitter, and improve our lives, but oftentimes, big, dramatic lifestyle changes are simply not in the cards. On The Doctors August 31, we learned how small, easy changes can lead to big results with a lot less fuss. Click the links below to see how you can get started.


Does Plate Color Affect How Much You Eat?

Did you know that the color of your  plate could stop you from over-eating? On The Doctors August 31, Dr Jim Sears explained this surprising method of controlling your food portion size.

Also, let Dr Ordon fill you in on how to tell if there are laxatives in your wine, and hear about a shocking Florida proposal to do away with Physical Education and Gym Class.

The Doctors: Laxative Wine, Plate Color & Portion Control


Can Cherry Juice Help You Fall Asleep?

If you sometimes struggle with getting to sleep at night, listen up: The Doctors August 31 revealed how the melatonin in cherry juice can help you enjoy a full night’s rest. Stay away from wine and tea; wine will make you drowsy, but it disrupts R.E.M. sleep, and it is just a myth that tea makes you sleepy.

Also, weigh the pros and cons of extra sleep vs. a workout, and strength training vs. cardio for weight loss.

The Drs: Cherry Juice Sleep Drink & Extra Sleep Vs Workout

The Doctors: Should You Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood?

Thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, a lot of parents are choosing to banks their newborns’ cord blood these days. We’ve all heard the incredible stories of childrens’ lives being saved due to this amazing new technology. However, do the Doctors suggest banking your baby’s cord blood? Also, Dr Sears shared some tips on improving a new baby’s health.

Plus, learn the cures for dark spots and constipation, and learn more about the benefits of vitamins from Drs Stork and Ordon.

The Doctors: Intense Pulse Light Treatment & Cord Blood Banking

The Doctors: Sparkpeople Cookbook Review

Meg Galvin developed the Sparkpeople Cookbook for her own children in attempt to make their favorite foods healthier. A few of Meg’s healthy and delicious recipes were featured on The Doctors August 31. Check them out below, and give them a try in your own home!

The Drs: Fig Appetizer Recipe and Lactose Intolerant Calcium Swaps

If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t think that you don’t need your daily dose of calcium; you’ll just need to get it in different ways than most. The Doctors August 31 offered up three ways for lactose intolerant people to add calcium to their diet. Also, Dr Lisa Masterson shared one of her favorite recipes, a delicious fig appetizer.


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