Jake Steinfeld & Cat Cora: The Doctors September 25 2012 Recap


The Doctors September 25 2012

The Doctors September 25 2012 episode was the inaugural Hunger Games: Doctors Style challenge. The show talked about different ways hunger can affect you and showed viewers how to make good food choices. There were also visits from fitness guru Jake Steinfeld and Iron Chef Cat Cora, and Dr. Travis Stork named his weight loss product essentials.

The Doctors: Organ Ultimatum and Three Different Types of Hunger

The first game of The Doctors: Hunger Games Style was the “Organ Ultimatum,” which examined what obesity and cholesterol can do to your insides. Dr. Travis Stork also explained the three different types of hunger and we met the four teams for the Doctors’ Hunger Games.


The most important type of hunger to avoid is sensory hunger. Essentially, your mind plays a trick on you and makes you think that you’re still hungry when in reality you’re full. This is one of the biggest causes of obesity.

The Doctors September 25, 2012 Recap: The Hunger Games, Doctors Style

Portion control is one of the easiest ways to keep unwanted pounds off, according to The Doctors September 25 2012.

The Doctors: Food Consumption in America and Portion Control

Games two and three of The Doctors: Hunger Games Style were the “Consumption Crash Course” and “Portion Control Pop-Quiz.” Teams had to guess how many pounds of certain food groups were consumed by Americans each year. They also had to guess the correct portion sizes for dried fruit, mixed nuts and cheddar cheese.


The Doctors: Cat Cora’s Exotic Foods and Hunger Games Winner

Cat Cora stopped by The Doctors to introduce exotic, healthy foods like corn smut and blood sausage. Dr. Travis Stork didn’t seem to be a big fan of the corn smut!

The two remaining teams faced off in the finals of the Hunger Games which included a physical challenge with fitness guru Jake Steinfeld. The winners were awarded a trip to a Miami, Florida health spa.

Dr. Stork reviewed the Journey Gym and the MyTrak Personal Health Coach and called them weight loss essentials.


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