Illness Warnings in Pictures: The Doctors September 24 2012 Recap


The Doctors September 24 2012

The September 24 2012 episode of The Doctors was all about physical signs that someone is sick.

The Doctors: “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

Illness Warnings in Pictures: The Doctors September 24 2012 Recap

According to handwriting expert Beth Chrisman, changes in handwriting could clue doctors in to underlying medical problems that a person has. Find out more from The Doctors September 24 2012.


The Doctors showed how to tell from a picture if something is wrong with someone’s health, and invited two audience members to play a game called “What’s Wrong With This Picture.” They examined health concerns like jaundice, excessive bruising and Strabismus in children.

The Doctors: Testicular Ultrasound on Zac “The Horse” Gordon

After viewing Zac Gordon’s testicular smashing behavior on America’s Got Talent, The Doctors were concerned about the repercussions. They invited him on the show to do a testicular ultrasoundand an exam.

The Doctors: Double Level Osteotomy on Bullied Girl

17-year-old Shelby was the target of intense bullying because of her nose and classmates made her life miserable. The Doctors gave her a new look to boost her self-esteem and help her get her confidence back.


The Doctors: Disturbing Viral Videos

The Doctors showed several startling videos that are all over the internet – anal tattoos, a skateboarder that was hit by a truck and chubby bunny. Find out what the fuss is all about and learn how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver incase someone around you is choking from playing chubby bunny.

The Doctors: Health Clues From Your Voicemail

A raspy or hoarse-sounding voice on a voicemail can clue doctors in to underlying vocal problems you might be experiencing, like Vocal Cord Paralysis or vocal polyps.

The Doctors: Birthmarks, Handwriting Analysis and Droopy Eyelids

The Doctors talked about if birthmarks are harmful and whether or not your mother could have done anything to prevent them. They also analyzed handwriting for signs of various illnesses and discussed fixes for drooping eyelids.


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