How to Know When Surgery is Required: The Doctors August 29 Recap


The Doctors August 29 2012

On The Doctors August 29, we learned how to tell when surgery is required for everything from a torn meniscus to an droopy grin. Plus, some non-surgical skin alternatives were examined, canine stem cell therapy was discussed, and actress Jessica Alba stopped by to talk about her eco-friendly product line, The Honest Company. Click on the links below to learn more about each segment.

Jessica Alba: The Honest Company Review

The Doctors August 29 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 29 2012 examined both surgical and non-surgical procedures for everything from skin to knees and more.


Jessica Alba is a successful Hollywood actress, but she is just as passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. As a mom to two young girls, Jessica discussed why she was compelled to start an eco-friendly brand of household products called The Honest Company. Plus, Jessica and the Doctors weighed in on why chocolate lovers may be thinner than others, and if children should ever be put on diets.

The Doctors: Jessica Alba & The Honest Company Review

The Doctors: Torn Meniscus & Surgery Vs Rehab

When Dr Andrew Ordon tore his meniscus, he knew just where to turn: to an old friend! We visited Dr Ordon as he received knee surgery from his friend Dr Louis Rose. The Doctors talked about weighing your options regarding surgery vs. rehabilitation.


The Doctors: Dr Ordon’s Torn Meniscus & Surgery Vs. Rehab

Grin Lift Review & Alternative Skin Treatments

Deborah fixed her perma-frown with a simple procedure called a Grin Lift on The Doctors August 29. Also, for those who don’t want to go under the knife, some top experts described effective non-surgical alternatives for aging skin.

The Doctors: The Grin Lift Procedure & Alternative Skin Treatments

The Doctors: The Harmful Effects of Binge-Drinking in College Students

Most college students engage in over-the-top drinking, but do they really know how harmful binge-drinking can be? The Doctors discussed the tragic consequences of binge-drinking, plus how you can learn to avoid them, on August 29.

The Doctors: The Harmful Effects of Binge-Drinking in College Students

Canine Stem Cell Therapy & Male vs. Female Body Odor

The Doctors learned the extraordinary story of Red the Service dog and how stem cell therapy changed her life. Also, to wrap things up, Dr Stork and the rest of the Doctors took a look at why men are oftentimes smellier than women.

The Doctors: Canine Stem Cell Therapy & Male vs. Female Body Odor


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