Gummi Bear Beauty & Ageless Woman: The Doctors August 14 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 14 2012

The Doctors August 14 2012 show shared ways you can get the best beauty products out there without breaking the bank. Check out these segments for affordable product solutions that can help you put more money in your pocket while putting a brighter, more beautiful smile on your face. Here are the segments from The Doctors August 14 2012 episode.

IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears & Deo Reviews

Gummi Bears for Skin: The Doctors August 14 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 14 2012 shared budget beauty trends & products. Could gummi bears be the secret to better skin?


Have you heard of Edible Cosmetics? The Doctors explored this new marketing phenomenon, including Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears, IO Beauty Booster and Deo, a product similar to garlic. Also, the team got the scoop on the Naked Faces Project, which exposed what happened when women took a break from their beauty routines for a couple months.

The Doctors: IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears & Deo

The Doctors: Ibuprofen Dandruff Remedy & Beet Juice Blush

Could Ibuprofen be just what the doctor ordered as a remedy for persistent dandruff? Stylist Kevin Paves shared his quick and dirty beauty tricks on the cheap that can have your hair looking salon perfect for pennies. Plus, beauty expert Jeannie Mai revealed the secret beauty applications for Beet Juice and Sardines.


The Doctors: Ibuprofen Dandruff Remedy & Beet Juice Blush

Jenna Hipp Newspaper Nails & DIY Blackhead Remedy

Jenna Hipp has made a career for herself as a celebrity manicurist. That’s a special niche, but there’s probably plenty of business for stars who always need to look their best on the countless red carpets of Hollywood. She shared some of her nail care secrets. Later, The Doctors found a DIY cure for Blackheads from an unlikely source. Does this really work?

The Doctors: Newspaper Nails & Milk Gelatin Blackhead Remedy

Ageless Woman, Boots No. 7 Review, Aspirin & Agave Facial

The Doctors met Annette Larkin, the Ageless Woman, to find out her secrets for timeless beauty. The Doctors also reviewed Boots No. 7 (see what they said about Boots No. 7 on another episode) and showed how to make an Aspirin and Agave Facial for yourself at home. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that, right?

The Doctors: Aspirin & Agave Facial, Boots No7 & Annette Larkins


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