Gross Anatomy: The Doctors Special Edition Recap August 20 2012


The Doctors August 20 2012

Gross Anatomy was the theme of The Doctors August 20, 2012. Several brave viewers revealed their most painful and embarrassing body issues and received answers to the questions that had been plaguing them for years. Take a look at some of the gross anatomy issues and treatments discussed on The Doctors by clicking the links below.

Gross Anatomy: Teeth & Genital Disorders

The show kicked off with Sarah and Kayla, who both suffered from some highly embarrassing disorders: Sarah with rectovaginal fistula, and Kayla with a decaying tooth problem known as dentinogenesis imperfecta. Learn about both women’s problems and the treatments that finally solved them.


gross anatomy The Doctors August 20

Thanks to the Doctors, patients received treatments for their painful and embarrassing gross anatomy issues on August 20 2012.

The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Teeth & Genital Disorders

Gross Anatomy: Severe Acne & Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery

Brittany once had beautiful, clear skin, but now feels “worthless” because of her severe acne. Denise regrets having stretched her earlobes when she was young, and now wishes to look normal so that she can start nursing school. Find out how the Doctors helped both of these young women feel good about themselves again and get their lives back on track.


The Doctors: Severe Acne & Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery

Gross Anatomy: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colonoscopy

Madison used to think that her stomach pains and frequent bowel movements were normal, but she is now looking to find the root of her unusual problems. With the help of Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Madison underwent a colonoscopy and found that her uncomfortable issue may be caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS.)

The Doctors: Gross Anatomy Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colonoscopy

The Doctors: Keloid Scars, Aging Hands, and Gross Anatomy Updates

Lastly, Luke received treatment for his keloid scars, and Joya found a solution to her problem of rapidly aging hands. Plus, check out some updates to see how all of the gross anatomy patients are doing after their treatments.

The Doctors: Keloid Scars, Aging Hands, and Gross Anatomy Updates


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