The Drs: News Feed, Marijuana, Atrial Fibrillation + Doctor Deals


The Doctors: September 19 2014

The Doctors had a really interesting day on September 19 2014 and they touched on a wide variety of really relevant topics. They covered the Ebola Virus epidemic in West Africa, which is becoming more and more serious. President Obama is implementing a plan though, which his good. They also covered the Ray Rice Domestic Violence news and discussed whether there’s a link between domestic violence and sports, Joan Rivers, and shared a SMOCK video. They also discussed marijuana and pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childcare and had two guests talk about that. Plus Michael Waltrip discussed Atrium Fibrillation and they had some Doctor Deals. Overall it was a very informative and very full day on The Doctors.

The Doctors: Ebola + Domestic Violence

The first thing The Doctors covered during their “Friday News Feed” was the Ebola Virus, which is quickly spreading. They discussed how it’s only a matter of time before it comes here and discussed the pros and cons of sending people over despite the risks. Ultimately they thought it was a good thing.


–> The Doctors also discussed the possible link between sports and domestic violence.

The Doctors: Joan Rivers

The Doctors discussed some of the problems surrounding Joan Rivers’ death. (Mark Winfrey / Shutterstock)

The Doctors: Joan Rivers + SMOCK

The Doctors then discussed Joan Rivers’ tragic death and all of the questions and controversy that have been surrounding it ever since it happened. There were a number of problems such as the fact that there was a procedure done that she may not have consented to and the fact that the doctor may have taken a selfie while she was sedated, which is not okay.


–> Orlando Jones also did a #SMOCK video.

The Doctors: Marijuana

The Doctors then spent a lot of time talking about medicinal marijuana. Is it okay for someone to smoke marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding? The Doctors don’t think so, but nurse Mary Lynn Mathre disagreed. Daycare worker Charity also talked about her marijuana use.

–> The Doctors believe there should be more regulations.

The Doctors: Atrial Fibrillation

NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip came by to talk about Atrial Fibrillation, which caused his mother’s stroke. It’s when the atriums sort of short circuit and it could lead to chronic fatigue, heart failure, and even a stroke. Waltrip has a contest where you can take a picture and it may go on his car.

–> Send the picture to

The Doctors: Doctor Deals

Moll Anderson also stopped by to show off some Doctor Deals including a deal for an epilator that was 51% off, a flat iron that also came with a fold comb, and a bottle of argon oil, which has some vitamin E in it, and Lola Bernard Genoa satchels, which went from $350 to $84.

–> The doctors ended the day by talking about the link between sunlight and weight.


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