Dr Sanjay Gupta & VEPTR Titanium Rib: The Doctors June 20 2012 Recap


The Doctors June 20 2012 Recap

Are you getting the full story when you visit the doctor’s office or have to spend time at your local hospital? Chances are the answer is no. There is probably more going on behind the scenes than you realize. That’s why The Doctors invited CNN expert and bestselling author Sanjay Gupta to join them for topics such as preventing medical mistakes on The Doctors June 20 2012 show. (This episode originally aired on The Doctors March 28 2012.)

Dr Sanja Gupta: Monday Mornings Novel

Dr Sanjay Gupta: The Doctors June 20 2012

CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta talked about medical mistakes & the team looked at VEPTR Titanium Ribs for VATER Syndrome on The Doctors June 20 2012 episode. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


From CNN medical expert to bestselling author, Dr Sanjay Gupta is the man behind the new novel Monday Mornings. He talked with The Doctors about the real medical practice that inspired his book, and how it helps keep your healthcare team on top of things when mistakes happen. Doctors are only human, after all, which is not a comforting thought when you are sick. But it’s still important to realize that they aren’t gods or magicians, either.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Monday Mornings Book & Medical ID USB Reviews

The Drs: How To Prevent Medical Mistakes

There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself or your family when you find yourself heading to the hospital. Though medical mistakes are on the rise, you can be your own best advocate. Get The Doctors top 4 tips to Prevent Medical Mistakes, so you can prevent what happened to one man whose case was mentioned on the show. Find out how doctors removed the wrong lung from a patient!


The Drs: How To Prevent Deadly Medical Mistakes | Dr. Sanjay Gupta

The Doctors: Doctor Charged With Murder Over Pain Prescriptions

First do no harm. That’s the Hippocratic Oath all doctors must take before they can practice medicine. But what happens when doctors and authorities disagree on the issue of harm? Meet a mother who’s literally making a federal case out of her son’s death, due to an overdose of prescription painkillers she believes were criminal. Discover the warning signs so you can spot if someone you love is addicted to prescription medication.

The Doctors: Doctor Charged With Murder Over Pain Prescriptions

VEPTR Titanium Rib Review

Children suffering from VATER Syndrome have issues with spinal and anatomical development. The Doctors met a teenage boy who has undergone two surgeries every year for his entire life. But now he’s on the cusp of a new treatment that could forever change his life for the better. Find out how a medical team plans to construct VEPTR Titanium Ribs.

The Doctors: VEPTR Titanium Rib Review for VATER Syndrome

Titanium Rib Implant Surgery Results

After years of surgery and eternal patience uncharacteristic of a teenager, Clayton finally received his Titanium Rib Implant. After the procedure, he and his mother joined The Doctors in the studio to talk about his long journey, and how he hopes it can be an inspiration to other kids and adults. Check out the story behind Clayton’s movie, Deep Blue Breath.

The Doctors: Teen’s Titanium Rib Implant Surgery Results

The Drs: Take Charge Of Your Checkup

Do you have a doctor’s appointment coming up? After learning about all the medical mistakes and pitfalls in system, you’re probably more apprehensive than you were before this episode of The Doctors. But that’s OK; the team also shared suggestions to help patients navigate medical appointments and Take Charge of Your Checkup.

The Drs: Deep Blue Breath Movie & Taking Charge Of Your Check-Up


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