The Doctors: Feeding Tube Diet + Extreme Swelling Of Baby’s Head


The Doctors December 22 2014 Preview

On Monday, December 22, The Doctors talked about the controversial reason people are turning to feeding tubes to help them lose weight. They also took a closer look at the condition of a little girl in India whose head has swollen to a size larger than a basketball, and what could have possibly caused the swelling.

The Doctors: Feeding Tube Diet + Extreme Swelling Of Baby's Head

The Doctors talked about the possible cause of the extreme swelling of an Indian baby’s head. (DenisNata /


The Drs: Feeding Tube Diet

The Doctors had a lot to say about the controversial feeding tube diet, in which patients consume only 800 calories a day, all through a feeding tube. They welcomed the doctor who performs the procedure, encouraging the feeding tube diet as a supplement for weight loss. They also talked to a woman who claims that the diet worked for her.

–> The Drs: Feeding Tube Diet, Weight Loss Option Or Money-Making Scheme?

The Drs: Condition Causing Severe Swelling Of Baby’s Head

The Doctors looked at the case of a young girl in India whose head swelled until it was larger than a basketball. They explained what could have caused the swelling and what can be done to treat it as well as prevent it from happening in the first place.


–> The Drs: Baby’s Swollen Head Bigger Than Basketball + Hydrocephalus

The Drs: Seeking A Second Opinion + Hypothyroidism

The Doctors also explained why a second opinion is something you should often consider, and how it eventually helped a woman find the true diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

–> Drs: Signs Of A Thyroid Problem + Hypothyroidism, Hormone Medications

The Drs: Dangerous Teen Trend

The Doctors then discussed a shocking new online trend where teenagers are literally setting themselves on fire. The big questions is: why?

–> The Drs: The Fire Challenge & Teenagers Setting Themselves On Fire

The Drs: Cinnamon & Honey Miracle Cure?

The Doctors took a closer look at the “miraculous” powers of cinnamon and honey and how they can potentially help you with certain problems

–> The Doctors: Cinnamon For Metabolism Boost + Honey For Canker Sores

The Drs: Anti-Aging Tip + Symptoms of Depression

The Doctors also had a great tip for managing your skin and achieving a youthful glow. Plus, they shared the symptoms of depression with their viewers to make sure you know what to look for in order to potentially save a loved one’s life, or perhaps even your own.

–> The Doctors: GMCollin Anti-Aging Skin Care + Symptoms Of Depression

Drs: Male Pattern Baldness & Ebola Virus

The Doctors then looked at male pattern baldness and what it has recently been linked to, and then shared an update on the deadly Ebola virus.

–> Drs: Male Pattern Baldness Linked To Prostate Cancer? + Ebola Virus


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