Distracted Driving & Colonoscopy: The Doctors August 13 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 13 2012

The Doctors August 13 2012 featured two new Health Scare Experiments to help give people wake up calls about their health. If you’ve been putting off an appointment or engaging in a bad habit, this show could change your life and outlook. Find out what The Doctors had to share about the dangers of Distracted Driving. Then, learn the risk factors for colon cancer, and the importance of early detection. Here are the segments from The Doctors August 13 2012. (This episode first aired on The Doctors May 7 2012.)

Health Scare Experiment: Texting & Driving Accident Simulation

The Doctors August 13 2012 Recap: Distracted Driving

The Doctors August 13 2012 episode featured Health Scare Experiments about Distracted Driving and Colon Cancer risks.


A concerned wife complained to The Doctors about her husband’s bad driving habits, which included not wearing a seatbelt and constantly texting behind the wheel. The Doctors put him through a simulated accident, with assistance from the California Highway Patrol and UCLA Medical Center. In the process, the couple was faced with the prospect of paralysis and even manslaughter charges. Then, they met an inspiring woman who shared the story of how her life changed after her own Distracted Driving accident 13 years ago. What does the couple think now about their driving habits?

The Doctors: Colon Cancer Risk Factors & Colonoscopy Guidelines

The Doctors met a man with a history of Colon Cancer in his family, which has had a major impact on his life. He is also afraid of needles and avoids doctors whenever possible. Check out what The Doctors team had to share about Colon Cancer Risk Factors and how often you should get a Colonoscopy. This information could save lives, because this type of cancer is treatable if it’s detected early.

New Sunscreen Guidelines: Where’s My Waterproof Sunblock?

Have you had trouble finding waterproof sunblock at the store before hitting the beach this summer? That’s thanks to new guidelines regarding the labeling of products. They can no longer claim to be waterproof or sweat-proof, and The Doctors explained why. Also, learn how beauty products or medication could make your skin more sensitive.


Broad Spectrum Sunscreen & What Happened To Waterproof Sunblock?


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