D’Hedral Briefs Review & ARTAS Robot: The Doctors September 26 2012


The Doctors September 26 2012

The Doctors September 26 2012 focused on amazing medical transformations like hair restoration, dental rejuvenation, and a fixed 20 year eye twitch.

The Doctors: Dental Rejuvenation and Crown Procedure

Danielle suffered from decaying teeth ever since she was a little girl. Her cavity-filled mouth was a constant source of embarrassment. The Doctors performed a dental rejuvenation and crown procedure to give her the smile she deserved.


The Doctors: Neurorrhaphy Procedure for Paralyzed Shoulder

After Mitch had surgery on his back, he lost feeling in his shoulder and had a paralyzed vocal cord. After nothing was getting better, he turned to The Doctors. His doctor used Neurorrhaphyto repair his nerves and give him his shoulder function back, and he also had a procedure done to help his voice.

The Doctors September 26 2012 Recap: Hair and Dental Restoration

The Doctors September 26 2012 focused on amazing medical transformations like dental rejuvenation, and also talked about how you can get a better night’s sleep.

The Doctors: Twitching Eyelid Fixes and Causes

After a 20 year twitching eyelid began interfering with his work, Dr. Vic Oyas turned to a neurologist for a procedure that has changed his life. Find out what you can do if you’re also suffering from a long-term eye twitch.


The Doctors: ARTAS Robot for Male Pattern Baldness

A new machine called the ARTAS robot is providing sophisticated hair extraction services to be used in hair restoration procedures. Learn more about this process and see if it’s the right choice for you.

The Doctors: Bananas, Tart Cherries and Advil PM Help Sleep

Dr. Breus “The Sleep Doctor” said the number one reason why people can’t sleep is due to aches and pains. When he sees patients that complain about not being able to sleep because of pain, he recommends Advil PM.

Advil PM is safe to take every night and relieves pain. He also had some sleep tips to help you get a better night’s sleep.

The Doctors: D’Hedral Brief Review

Stephanie from Washington, D.C. sent in an email to The Doctors:

“Dear Doctors,

My husband has the flattest behind and he’s not exactly the type to get butt implants. What can we do to perk up his booty and give it some shape?”

Dr. Andrew Ordon said he had he solution, and he was wearing it right now: the D’Hedral briefs. He said there is a v-wedge in the back that is meant to give you a little lift.

Dr. Ordon showed off his booty and they compared it with Dr. Jim Sears’ behind. Dr. Ordon said the briefs were supportive but they didn’t add any volume. Dr. Sears asked him if they gave him a little wedgie, and he said yes.


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