Chillow Pillow & Nite Ize TwistLit: The Doctors July 19 2012 Recap


The Doctors July 19 2012

The Doctors July 19 2012 tackled all the health problems that tend to crop up after hours, when the doctor’s office is closed. Why do some health problems get worse at night? Get the real truth about sleepwalking, night blindness and other medical issues that come out at night. Here are the highlights from The Doctors July 19 2012 episode.

The Doctors: 24/7 Daycare & Urgent Med House Calls

Chillow Pillow: The Doctors July 19 2012 Recap

The Doctors July 19 2012 show featured products such as the Chillow Pillow that can relieve common health complaints that pop up after dark.


These days, more parents are working second jobs to make ends meet. That means there’s a growing demand for 24 hour daycare, letting parents drop off or pick up their children at any hour of the day. Also, some doctors are making a return to the days of house calls with services like Urgent Med, bringing healthcare to your door around the clock.

The Doctors: Urgent Med House Calls, 24/7 Daycare & Hypersomnia

The Drs: What Causes Frequent Urination?

Are you waking up every few hours, all night long, because you have to empty your bladder? The Doctors discussed the causes and solutions of frequent nighttime urination, so you can finally get a good night’s sleep. Also, learn about ways to reduce your worsening nighttime cold symptoms.


The Drs: Frequent Urination Causes & Chest Rub Congestion Remedy

Chillow Pillow Review & How To Wake A Sleepwalker

People complaining of night sweats are due for some relief, and thanks to the Chillow Pillow, their problems could be a thing of the past. Do you know the proper way to wake a sleepwalker, to prevent harm to yourself or the sufferer? There is a right way to do this, and The Doctors explained.

Chillow Pillow For Night Sweats & How To Wake A Sleepwalker

Night Blindness: Holcomb C3-R & Keratoconus Eye Surgery

The Doctors tackled the topic of night blindness with a look at new surgical technology that could make the need for Cornea Transplants obsolete. Check out the innovative Holcomb C3-R and learn about Keratoconus Eye Surgery.

Holcomb C3-R & Keratoconus Eye Surgery for Night Blindness

Foot & Heel Pain Ultrasound Injections

After a long day on the go, it makes sense that your feet or heels may be giving you trouble. Find out how natural treatments are making a difference for some patients, and the new ultrasound treatment that is providing relief for extreme cases.

The Drs: Foot & Heel Pain Ultrasound Injections & Natural Remedies

Nite Ize SlapLit & TwistLit Bike Light Review

The Doctors highlighted two Nite Ize products that can help nighttime bikers stay safe after dark. Check out their reviews of the SlapLit and TwistLit bike accessory products. Do you know what to do if your kids complain about Eczema? Find out why the symptoms are worse at night.

Nite Ize SlapLit & TwistLit Bike Light Review | Relieving Eczema


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