Cell Phone E. Coli & Lipstick Lead: The Doctors June 26 2012 Recap


The Doctors June 26 2012

Your purse goes everywhere with you, from home and the office to vacations and the doctor’s office. That means it’s essentially a giant germ magnet. On The Doctors June 26 2012 show, the team investigated the contents of your purse with some surprising warnings and revelations about all the ways it and its contents could be making you sick or putting you at risk. For even more on this topic, check out Dr Oz’s recent Purse Germ Warnings segment. Read on if you dare for all the segments and advice from The Doctors June 26 2012 show. (This episode originally aired March 27 2012.)

Nail File Fungus Dangers

Cell Phone & Purse Health: The Doctors June 26 2012 Recap

The Doctors June 26 2012 show revealed the hidden health hazards in your purse, from cell phone germs to lead in lipstick.


The Doctors talked about the hidden fungi that could be teeming on your nail file. How long have you been carrying that thing around, anyway? Find out what you can do to protect yourself. Also, do you carry PMS medication for cramps and bloating? Learn how it could be interacting with other pain relievers or medications you may be taking.

The Doctors: Nail File Fungus Dangers & PMS Acetaminophen Warning

Lipstick Lead Content

The Doctors taught us all more than we ever wanted to know about lipstick on their show today. An average woman will eat about one pound of lipstick throughout her life, just from typical use. But did you know that it contains amounts of lead, and there’s no solid research on what the long term effects of lead in lipstick are? Find out if you should be concerned. Then, get some beauty tips to ensure that you aren’t misusing your favorite beauty products for skin care.


The Drs: Lipstick Contains Lead & Face Cream Skin Care Mistakes

The Doctors: Cavities Consequences

Taking care of your teeth is important for children and adults. But it’s the grownups who most often neglect things until they are out of control. The Doctors welcomed a special guest to explain why it’s so important to go to regular checkups to prevent simple cavities from getting very complicated.

The Doctors: Simple Cavities Can Lead To Abscesses & Cysts

Cell Phone E. Coli & MRSA Dangers

Is your cell phone making you sick? This could be the biggest health risk you take everywhere with you–even into the bathroom! Learn about the array of germs and viruses you could be exposing yourself to, and find out why you should regularly clean up your phone to keep yourself from getting sick. You don’t want to miss these health warnings.

The Drs: Cell Phones Cause MRSA, E. Coli & Contact Dermatitis

The Doctors: Georgia Vasectomy Debate

Contraception has been a hot topic in the news lately, and The Doctors revisited a controversial story out of Georgia from spring 2012. What are your thoughts on the Georgia vasectomy ban debate? Also, get some allergy tips to keep yourself healthy and protected during the final throes of this year’s allergy season.

The Doctors: How To Avoid Allergy Symptoms & Vasectomy Ban Debate


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