Celebrity Beauty & Fitness Secrets: The Doctors August 9 2012 Recap


The Doctors August 9 2012

The Doctors August 9 2012 episode was a celebrity edition, with fitness secrets from the stars and health questions for The Doctors. Find out how you can live longer, look better, and stay fit with advice from some of your favorite ’90s personalities (they’re not saying it, so I guess I have to). Check out these segments from The Doctors August 9 2012. (This originally aired on The Doctors May 3 2012.)

Simon Cowell: Oxygen in a Can Review

Simon Cowell Oxygen: The Doctors August 9 2012 Recap

The Doctors August 9 2012 show looked at celebrity health trends, such as Simon Cowell's rumored love for Oxygen in a Can. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Does Oxygen in a Can really work? Simon Cowell is reportedly an avid fan of this product, and The Doctors talked about its pros and cons. Plus, what causes Laryngitis and vocal problems that have affected stars like Adele and Celine Dion, just this year?

The Doctors: Oxygen in a Can Review & What Causes Laryngitis

Jewel Sings for Child Hunger Ends Here

Jewel tore up the pop charts in the 1990s with her soulful ballads. Now she’s back with new music geared for kids, with adult enjoyment also in mind. Check out her latest release, The Merry Goes Round. Plus, she talked about her passion for ending child hunger and how you can help with the click of a mouse, while downloading a free song.


Singer Jewel: Child Hunger Ends Here & The Merry Goes Round Review

Dick Van Dyke Cereal Recipe, Arthritis Foods & Bounding Review

If not for the gray hair, you might never guess Dick Van Dyke is 86. His latest wife is in her 40s, and he is still as spry as ever. He demonstrated how much he enjoys staying active by showing off the Bounding exercise you can do on a trampoline. Plus, get his ultimate cereal recipe and guide to arthritis foods.

The Drs: Dick Van Dyke Cereal Recipe, Arthritis Foods & Bounding Review

New Billy Blanks Workout: PT 24/7 Review

You remember him as the man behind Tae Bo. Now Billy Blanks is back with a new workout designed to get us moving once again. He put The Doctors through their paces in a demonstration of his new PT 24/7 system. Will you give it a whirl?

The Doctors: PT 24/7 Review | New Billy Blanks Workout

The Drs: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review

TV star Tiffani Thiessen revealed her cheap and easy health and beauty advice. She then showed off her favorite beauty secret, the Tria Hair Removal Laser. Also, Tiffani wanted to know: when’s the best age to take your child to the dentist for the first time?

The Drs: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review | Taking Kids to the Dentist

Emma Stone Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer

Movie star Emma Stone has been charming audiences in countless recent movies. But how does she keep herself looking so beautiful all the time? Apparently one of her skin care secrets is Grapeseed Oil. Also, The Doctors shared a home remedy for Oily Hair.

The Doctors: Emma Stone Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer & Oily Hair Remedy



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