Boot Camp H2O & Yonanas Reviews: The Doctors July 16 2012 Recap


The Doctors July 16 2012

Getting thin is a process, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The Doctors July 16 2012 show featured 13 new creative approaches and ideas to help you get a fresh start with weight loss and dieting. Check out the benefits of everything from Seaweed Bread to a Yonanas Ice Cream maker and much more. Here are the highlights from The Doctors July 16 2012 episode. (This show originally aired on The Doctors May 25 2012.)

Seaweed Bread & Pantyhose Resistance Bands

Summer Slimdown: The Doctors July 16 2012 Recap

The Doctors July 16 2012 show offered summer slimdown tips, including the Boot Camp H2O water fitness class and frozen banana ice cream Yonanas review.


Have you ever heard of Seaweed Bread? It’s a new baking trend that replaces Salt in bread with Seaweed, leading to lower calories throughout the day. The Doctors also showed how you can turn Pantyhose into workout resistance bands and shared the health benefits of Green Coffee Beans.

The Drs: Seaweed Bread, Green Coffee Beans & Pantyhose Resistance Bands

Richard Simmons Body Suicide & Protein Alternatives

One key to eating healthier is to find a new source of protein to fall in love with. The Doctors highlighted some diverse protein alternatives, including Tempeh, Cashew Cheese, and even Hemp Protein Seeds. Then, Richard Simmons shared an important wake up call with a fan about something he called Body Suicide.


Richard Simmons Body Suicide, Cashew Cheese & Hemp Protein Alternatives

Coronary Artery Scan & Paper Plate Workout

Could your doctor help scare you straight when it comes to weight loss? The Doctors shared study results that showed how the Coronary Artery Calcium Scan helps people get real about their weight. They also showed off a workout routine you can try at home for the cost of a couple paper plates.

The Doctors: Coronary Artery Calcium Scan & Paper Plate Workout

The Doctors: Boot Camp H2O Review & Water Core Workout Class

Getting in shape should be fun, and that means finding a workout you can fall in love with. Check out the Boot Camp H2O class that Dr Jim Sears tried. He said it kicked his butt, but find out why he wants to go back. Plus, the program’s co-founder explained why it’s such a popular exercise regimen.

The Doctors: Boot Camp H2O Review & Water Core Workout Class

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & How To Make Cupcakes Healthier

The popular LA-area cupcake bakery Sprinkles is taking things to the next level with their new 24 hour cupcake ATM. But that’s not going to help you stay on your diet and avoid late night snacks. If you can’t help yourself when it comes to cupcake temptation, check out the rule that could cut your cupcake calories in half.

The Drs: Sprinkles Cupcake ATM & How To Make Cupcakes Healthier

The Doctors: Yonanas Review & Cinnamon Coffee Swap

Breakfast just got a whole lot more fun. The Yonanas machine gives you the health benefits of bananas, which are great after a workout. Find out how you can get away with having fresh Yonanas ice cream for breakfast, and why you should skip the cream and sugar to put Cinnamon in your coffee instead.

The Doctors: Yonanas Review & Cinnamon Coffee Swap


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