Before & After Transformations: The Doctors September 3 Recap


The Doctors September 3 2012

New episodes of The Doctors kicked off on Labor Day, September 3 2012. On the show, The Doctors examined some incredible procedures and before and after transformations. They also discussed some recent news stories, plus learned all about tool safety tips. Click on the links below to find out more about each segment.

The Drs: Dental X-Rays & Brain Tumors

The Doctors September 3 2012 Recap

The Doctors September 3 2012 examined elective procedures and amazing before and after transformations.


Could a dental x-ray give you a brain tumor? The Doctors started the show by addressing this startling issue. Plus, after an extraordinary survival story was discussed, Dr Stork learned some valuable tool safety tips from HGTV’s Eric Stromer.

The Doctors Headlines: X-Rays & Brain Tumors Plus Tool Safety Tips

The Doctors: Before and Afters

On The Doctors September 3, some past guests returned to give updates on how their procedures have improved their lives. Maria has been a victim of domestic violence for much of her life, and she was in need of nose and abdominal reconstruction surgery. After losing an astonishing 300 pounds, Darren was looking to have his unsightly excess skin removed. And, after suffering from severe acne, Lisa returned to show off how laser treatment and hormone therapy improved her skin dramatically.


The Doctors: Stem Cell Transplant

The Doctors September 3 also examined the breakthrough technology of stem cell transplants as we followed Darla both in and out of the operating room. Take a look at how stem cell transplants could mean faster healing time and less scarring in patients who have had melanoma.

The Doctors: Stem Cell Transplant Procedure

Jet M Wrinkle Treatment Review & Plastic Surgery Questions

Dr Ordon took a look at the non-invasive Jet M anti-wrinkle treatment. Plus, Dr Stork gave his Doctor’s Orders: five questions for anyone who may be considering elective surgery.

The Doctors: Latest Wrinkle Treatments and Doctors’ Orders


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