100 Calorie Snacks & EmWave2 Biofeedback: The Doctors June 27 2012


The Doctors June 27 2012

Are you trying to stay healthy this summer? The Doctors June 27 2012 episode featured a wealth of tips and information to help you eliminate germs and get what your body needs to thrive. Check out the segments and solutions featured on The Doctors June 27 2012. (This episode first aired on The Doctors January 23 2012.)

Clean Wave Sanitizing Vacuum Review

100 Calorie Snack: The Doctors June 27 2012

The Doctors June 27 2012 included recipes & guidelines for 100 calorie snacks you can create in your kitchen.


Have you heard of the Clean Wave Sanitizing Vacuum? The Doctors reviewed this product, which is designed to reduce dust and allergens that get trapped in typically hard to clean places, such as furniture or your bed. Find out how it works to reduce germs in your house.

The Doctors: Clean Wave Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vacuum Review

The Doctors: Tonsillectomy Tonsil Removal

When do you need to take your kid to the ER? It can be confusing if you are a new parent, so check out The Doctors guide to signs and symptoms you should keep an eye on. Plus, two doctors face off in a debate over whether you should have your tonsils removed.


The Doctors: Tonsil Removal | Tonsillectomy ENT vs Pediatrician

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

You are probably not getting enough Vitamin D, but it’s easy to add to your diet with a few simple tweaks. Find out why it’s so important, and learn ways you can get it. Then, find out how products like Oxygenetix Foundation work to treat blemishes and other beauty blunders.

The Doctors: Oxygenetix Foundation Blemish Treatment Review

EmWave2 Biofeedback Review

It’s being called a breakthrough for tension headache treatment. Find out why some say the EmWave2 Biofeedback device is a game changer. Also, get tips on how to research which doctor is right for you. You don’t want to miss this advice.

The Drs: EmWave2 Biofeedback & Headache Reliever Compression Wrap

How To Senior-Proof Your Home

As we age, there is a lot it seems like our bodies can’t or won’t do anymore. But there are ways you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones around the house by taking the time to add a few handy accessories that could save you a lot of pain and trouble in an emergency. Also, learn the five most disgusting things we all touch every day.

The Drs: Sani Antibacterial Wipes & Safe-Er Grip Shower Handle

The Drs: Morning After Pill

Women need to know how to take charge of their own health, and Dr Lisa Masterson shared some frank advice about the female anatomy. Learn about the growing need in some demographics for the Morning After Pill.

The Doctors: GC MI Paste Review & Morning After Pill Prescription

The Doctors: 100 Calorie Snack Recipes

Are you looking for a few great snacks? Check out The Doctors 100 Calorie Snack Recipes for great tasting treats including Pistachios, Edamame, Lemon Sorbet and more. Plus, find out how to burn a few more calories each day.

The Drs 100 Calorie Recipes | Lemon Sorbet | Avocado & Tomato Pita


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