The Drs: Serum To Shrink Love Handles + Chewable Coffee


The Doctors: Tummy Tone Serum

The Doctors wanted to take a closer look at some of the hottest beauty treatments, to find out if they would really work. Beauty expert Stacy Cox was in the procedure room with two brave volunteers who were going to try the Adonia Tummy Tone Serum, who’s makers claim that in the clinical trial, 100% of people who tried it saw a reduction and minimization of their love handles by up to two inches or more, in just 43 minutes.


She first measured the women’s waistlines, and then applied the serum by massaging it into the woman’s abdominal region for at least one minute. She then applied it again, that time pressing it into the contours of her waistline and love handles, as well as the back. She then wrapped the woman’s midsection with plastic wrap, and then had her sit and weight for more than 40 minutes to see if it would work. Initially, the woman described it as “very refreshing” so we’ll see how it turned out, later in the show.

The Drs: Serum To Shrink Love Handles + Chewable Coffee

The Doctors put a product to the test to see if it could really help minimize love handles and take off inches from the waistline. (pinksherbet / Flickr)

The Doctors explained that they believed it may help get rid of some water weight, but didn’t believe it would do much for the actual fat cells.


The Doctors: Tummy Wrap Results

Approximately 40 minutes later, The Doctors looked at before and after pictures of the two women to see how well the product worked. Stacy then shared that both the women each saw a 2 and a half inch reduction in the size of their waistline. Dr Stork made it clear that these are temporary results, but the women said they would absolutely do it again. If you have an event and you want to boost your self confidence, this may be a quick, temporary fix. But test the product in a small area first or give it a test run to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction.

The Doctors: Chewable Coffee Cubes

The Doctors then moved on to talk about chewable coffee. The actual product they were discussing is called Go Cubes and two cubes is equal to about one cup of coffee. Dr Rachael Ross was shocked at how large the cubes were, while Dr Travis Stork explained that each cube is 35 calories, with 50 mg of caffeine. They have pure drip, mocha, and latte flavors. Dr Andrew Ordon ate one, saying that it tasted like coffee. The Doctors wanted to make it clear that anything with caffeine in it should be taken or eaten with caution.

The Doctors: Keurig KOLD For Instant Cold Cocktails

The makers of the Keurig coffee makers, decided to make a new product to help people make cold and frozen drinks, including cocktails like a margarita or a mojito. Dr Jennifer Ashton tried a margarita made the traditional way, while Dr Stork made her one using the machine. It’s non-alcoholic so you would then have to mix in the alcohol. The Doctors argued that the machine didn’t make the drinks fast enough, but when it came to taste it tasted the same as the traditional to Dr Jennifer Ashton, but Dr Ordon could tell a difference. The machine costs $369, so you may be better off just using your blender!

Would you pay that much for a machine that makes instant cocktails?

The Doctors: Cold Flash To Hot Flash Symptom Relief

Because so many women experience hot flashes, The Doctors had one of their producers Terry, try out a product that could allegedly help her out. She’ll even wake up in the middle of the night with hot flashes, which she described as “walking into an oven.” She even keeps a bucket of ice and a fan with her at work. She was praying for discreet relief. The Doctors had her try Cold Flash which could allegedly lower her skin temperature to relieve hot flashes. It’s supposed to be a discreet way to relieve symptoms and is applied like a lotion that smells minty. So did it help Terry?

The Doctors: Discreet Hot Flash Relief

Terry used Cold Flash for a week and then shared that it did work for her. It has a cooling effect and is discreet, and she said “it kind-of feels like a tall, dark handsome man is blowing on the back of my neck.” She added “you can close your eyes and imagine what you want, but the point is it’s a nice, cooling effect.” She truly loved it, but still carried her fan with her. She admitted she was having a hot flash right then and there, and Dr Stork stepped down and blew right on the back of her neck, to the applause of the audience!

Will you try a product like Cold Flash?


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