The Drs: Ready Betty, Brava Breast Enhancement & Foxy Bikini Reviews


The Doctors: Foxy Bikini Trend

Do you want to look better naked? You’re not alone. But if you’re looking for a clever distraction to spruce up your bikini line, The Doctors want you to know that Vajeweling, Vattooing, and Vajazzling are so five minutes ago.

Comedian Loni Love hit the streets of LA to find out what people are saying about the latest hot trend, which she described as “feathered lady parts.” The technical term is the Foxy Bikini, and one woman accurately described it as “fake eyelashes” for your vagina.


The Drs: Bikini Beauty

The Doctors looked at new beauty trends for your bikini line, including vaginal feathering.

One man classified it as a “genital toupee,” and someone else called it fluffy. “I’m not a clown, so I’m not really into that,” proclaimed another guy. Loni Love even asked a couple what they thought, but they couldn’t stop laughing long enough to answer her. Then it turned out they didn’t speak English.

Another guy, whom Loni described as “distinguished,” couldn’t understand what would motivate someone to do this to themselves, though he admitted “it would take a lot more than that to scare me away.”


The Drs TV: Foxy Bikini Feathered Genitals Review

In the studio, The Doctors had their say about this silly new idea. Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out that one of the options was more like a tail. Dr. Jim Sears worried it would tickle.

Dr. Travis Stork pointed out that this product is physically attached to the genitals, not to an undergarment. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson said this could cause problems with your Urethra and poses other hygienic risks, leaving you open to infection.

The consensus is that you should only let a professional sew feathers to your vagina.

The Doctors: Completely Bare Spa

By phone, the team spoke with Cindy, the owner of New York City’s Completely Bare Spa, which is one of the professional establishments that will do their arts and crafts projects on your paying vagina.

“Fashion and beauty are hand and hand, and beauty follows fashion,” Cindy explained. “Feathers are in, so everybody’s loving it.”

Dr. Andrew Ordon said he didn’t see anyone sporting this look on his recent trip to New York. Cindy said that this is popular with the same clients who enjoyed the jewels, tattoos, and other bygone vaginal embellishment trends.

If you’re checking out the Completely Bare Spa, you may want to know that they refer to this feathering procedure as the Carnivale, so maybe the man’s clown comment on the street earlier was more apt than even he realized.

The Drs TV: Full Bum Rejuvenation Review

Undeterred by this feather business, The Doctors sent a client to Completely Bare Spa for another of their popular treatments, called Full Bum Rejuvenation.

“Every bum is not the same, just as every face is not the same,” said a spa professional. They first analyzed a client’s butt for acne, dry skin, and other conditions.

Then they exfoliated and did custom skin treatments for the butt; in this case, it was laser acne treatment. I’ve heard of bacne, but who knew there was such a thing as buttne?

Next they put a caffeine clay mask on the buttocks, which the client called relaxing. The last step was an LED light treatment to kill bacteria, followed by moisturization.

The Doctors: Butt Facial Review

Dr. Andrew Ordon said another name for this procedure is the Butt Facial, and he said he had one performed during a trip to Turkey. He said that treatment used sea salt, and he and his wife both enjoyed the treatment, which made them feel smooth and relaxed.

The Doctors: Ready Betty Review

If you’re not DTF (that’s Down To Feather, in this case), but you still want to do some housekeeping down there, Dr. Lisa Masterson showed off the Ready Betty stenciling kit. The stencils allow you to create shapes out of your pubic hair.

Shapes include an arrow, heart, lips, a lightning bolt, and I think I saw a bow tie in the mix as well. The process involves using a depilatory to remove hair from the stenciled area.

Shop for the Ready Betty Stencil Kit.

The Doctors: Brava Breast Enhancement System Review

Natalie from California emailed the show to ask about non-surgical options for her small bust size. Dr. Andrew Ordon found a product that may work for her.

The Brava Breast Enhancement System is classified as a medical device by the FDA. It looks like a bra, but it uses suction to put even pressure on all sides of the breast. Recommended usage is 10 hours a day for 10 weeks.

Dr. Ordon said it’s similar to a surgical technique called Tissue Expansion; does that mean this is like putting your breasts in traction? The manufacturer claims that you could see improvement of up to two cup sizes using this treatment.

Natalie actually gave it a try in the procedure room, and she said it was “warm and tingly.” Dr. Lisa said you could wear this to bed, which sounds like it would be totally uncomfortable.

Shop for the Brava Breast Enhancement System at


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