The Drs: Prevent UTI’s With Uqora + Cotton Candy Grapes


The Doctors:  Uqore To Prevent UTI’s

The Doctors wanted to try out a few beauty products of their own, beginning with a brand new drink mix called Uqora that claims to reduce the chances of having a UTI, if you drink it after having intercourse, exercising, or traveling. Dr Rachael Ross said the best way to promote urinary health is to use the bathroom immediately after intercourse and to drink enough water throughout the day. Dr Jennifer Ashton said “the secret to pollution is dilution.”

If you’re prone to UTI’s, try moist wipes after intercourse. Plus, cranberry juice can reduce the incidence of UTI’s. But once you have an infection, the only thing that can take care of it is antibiotics.


The Doctors: Stand Up Urination For Women

The Doctors: Prevent UTI's With Uqora + Cotton Candy Grapes

The Doctors shared various ways you can prevent a UTI, including a new product, and then gave cotton candy grapes a taste. (manoftaste-de / Flickr)

The Doctors then shared a product called Stand Up, which claims to be the first “disposable, bio-degradable, clutch purse hospitable, pocket slip-able, pee accessory” for women. You open it up, and it looks like a cone, and all you do is place it against your urethra, and then point it where you want to pee, while standing up. It’s coated paper so it won’t soak through. You can get a 6-pack for $6 and it’s great for long car trips, bike riding, camping, or festivals.


Would you try these Stand Up’s?

The Doctors: Cotton Candy Grapes

Did you know there’s such thing as cotton candy grapes? The grapes has been around for a couple years but recently became popular again thanks to social media. The grapes look like normal green grapes, but reportedly taste like cotton candy. The grapes are all-natural with no genetic engineering, they just combined two different grape species. The Doctors said it was really good but didn’t so much like the cost at $6 a pound. Plus it’s high in fiber but has more sugar than regular grapes.

The Doctors: The Stork Contraceptive Aid

Next, The Doctors wanted to talk about the Stork, which is a device that is meant to help women conceive. The Doctors described it as a high-tech version of the turkey baster. Dr Jennifer Ashton was concerned because the device was larger than the average woman’s opening, so it could cause some discomfort or even be difficult to put in.


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