The Drs: Pee Pants Review & $250,000 Azature Nail Polish Review


The Doctors: Price Of Beauty In America

Americans spend about $8 billion a year on beauty supplies, with some women spending upwards of $150,000 on beauty products each year. The Doctors pointed out the average American woman spends around $35,000 on hair care during her lifetime.

The Drs: Pee Pants Review & $250,000 Azature Nail Polish Review

The Doctors looked at a bunch of products like the pee pants, which can help with incontinence issues and a $250,000 nail polish from Azature.


Would you believe Americans spend $6 billion a year on nail care? The Doctors were blown away.

Cucumber Remedy To Stop Puffy Eyes

Did you ever wonder why you get cucumbers put on your eyes at the beauty salon? The Doctors say they put the cucumbers on your eyes because it can stop eye puffiness, shrink blood vessels and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

The Doctors: Pee Pants Review

Have you ever had the urge to pee so bad you wished you could just urinate wherever you were standing? If you have ever felt that pressure on your bladder you might want to pick up Pee Pants. The Doctors said the company making the pants say their product is great for any woman who is heading “to a concert or likes to go tailgating.”


The pants are kind of strange looking. They are underwear with a small tube attached to the underwear which leads down to a leopard print bag that holds the urine.

While all The Doctors didn’t think the Pee Pants were very practical for everyday use, Dr. Lisa Masterson said they would be great for women in the military who are being forced to hold their urine for so long or for people who have incontinence issues.

$250,000 Azature Nail Polish

The average woman spends around $35 every time she gets a manicure. If you want to be a bit more classy than the average woman, you might want to look into buying Azature Nail Polish, a $250,000 nail polish.

Dr. Lisa Masterson was lucky enough to a get a complimentary $20,000 manicure from the company and she loved them. She thought the manicure looked amazing.

Check out how her nails looked in the video below. Also, if you want the same shine she has without the price tag, the company also has a $25 bottle of nail polish as well.


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