The Drs: Holiday Gifts + Ninja Coffee Bar & Brooklyn Bedding


The Doctors: Holiday Gift Giveaway

America’s Funny Home Videos provided some hilarious videos of holiday mishaps, then The Doctors explained that celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck was excited to share his best tips for mishap-free holiday cooking. To avoid dry, tasteless chicken breasts, try putting seasoning underneath the skin before you cook it, then roast it overtop root vegetables. It’s a healthy, flavorful dish that is anything but try! It’s an easy way to make for a flavorful dinner! Wolfgang Puck then surprised everyone with his pressure oven, and then The Doctors revealed more incredible audience gift giveaways!

They sent everyone in the audience home with a Ninja Coffee Bar to help you brew cold or hot coffee! They then surprised everyone with a KAI Pure Komachi 2 knife set.

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