The Drs Future Health Products – Wello, Misfit Shine & BMR Lift Review


The Doctors: Misfit Shine Review – An Activity Tracker

Dr. Travis Stork sat down with Rock Health CEO Halle Tecco to get the scoop on some of the best fitness technology that will be in stores between now and summer.

The first product she was really excited about was the Misfit Shine, an activity tracker you can wear anywhere on your body, from your neck to around your ankle, to track your fitness for the day. You can also input health goals into the device and later in the day you can check them to see if you reached your goal. One of the best features about the product is that it is waterproof meaning you take this tracker when you go swimming to find out how healthy your workouts really are.


Tecco said the product should be hitting store shelves this June.

Wello Two-Way Personal Trainer Via Video

The Drs Future Health Products - Wello, Misfit Shine & BMR Lift Review

The Doctors looked at some of the best health products coming out this year like Wello, a personal trainer via video, and the Misfit Shine activity tracker.


Tecco said Rock Health also works with entrepreneurs who are creating new health technologies to help them see their products come to fruition.

One of the products that has just hit the market is Wello, a two-way video program that allows you to have your own personal trainer anywhere you go. Wello provides the user with a real live personal trainer who can be located anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer to connect with the person.

Tecco said beside the weight loss, the best part about Wello is the prices and the convenience.  For only $20 you can have your own personal trainer once a week or for $10 you can sign up to be a part of a class. Tecco said she uses Wello with her sister so they can both do yoga together, even though her sister lives in Pittsburgh and the trainer lives in Florida.

Jane Hanisch – Wello Personal Trainer

Dr. Stork talked with Jane Hanisch, a Wello trainer who said she does a number of different classes each week with different people from around the world. She taught Dr. Stork some of her workout moves and you can check them out in the video below.

BMR Lift Contracts Muscles Electronically

Do you want to tighten up your flab but you don’t really want to get off the couch? The BMR Lift is the product for you. Dr. Andrew Ordo explained the BMR Lift is a device that electronically contracts your muscles as you sit or lay down.

He talked with three different women who were all using the BMR Lift on different parts of their body. All of them said they could feel their muscles moving and working even though they were just sitting down.

Check out the video below to see the before and after picture for one woman who tried the product for a few weeks. You will not believe the results she got.


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