The Drs: Big Boss Blender Deal + Tyson Beckford In Las Vegas


The Drs: Big Boss Health Blender

Moll Anderson was back with even more incredible deals from The Doctors on various health and beauty products. Moll started with a healthy blender from Big Boss. You can use it for all kinds of things, and it usually costs $99, but you can get it for only $59, which is a 40% discount!


The Drs: Slim & Sage Portion Control Plates

The Drs: Big Boss Blender Deal + Tyson Beckford In Las Vegas

Tyson Beckford talked about working in Las Vegas on The Doctors. (the1secondfilm / flickr)

Next, Moll talked about the Slim and Sage portion control plate sets. The idea is that the portions are actually hidden in the design. You would normally pay $99, but with The Doctors deal, they’re just $39, which is 61% savings!

The Drs: Naked Me Detox Tea Bundle

Moll then talked about the Naked Me detox tea bundle. It’s a 28-day supply, and is organic and all-natural. It normally costs $66, but you can get it for just $26, a 60% savings!


Do you plan on taking advantage of any of these fabulous deals?

The Drs: Tyson Beckford + Beckford Bar Workout

For The Doctors News in 2:00, they shared that Tyson Beckford is headlining Chippendales and making headlines with Mariah Carey. He sat down with Dr Jennifer Berman to talk about his latest work. Tyson shared that he is having a lot of fun and he hopes people see that. He also stars in the movie Chocolate City, which he says is definitely unique. It takes place in an adult dance club and is about a young man going to college and struggling to pay bills.

To stay healthy and fit, Tyson said he likes to cycle and jump rope, but he’s not a big runner. He also uses the Beckford Bar, which uses a linear motion to go side-to-side as he does a push-up.

Tyson shared that he gave Mariah Carey a personal dance to welcome her to Las Vegas. He also got to take part in her music video the next day.


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