The Drs: Arthritis In Big Toe + Posh 365 Designer Dog Bed Deal


The Drs: Dr Travis Foot Pain

The Drs: Arthritis In Big Toe + Posh 365 Designer Dog Bed Deal

Dr Travis Stork revealed his struggle with arthritis in his feet on The Doctors. ([email protected] / flickr)

Dr Travis Stork revealed that after playing basketball 20 years ago, he developed severe arthritis in his big toe joints. He had to have surgery on both his toes, but unfortunately, it didn’t go very well. As he’s gotten older, the pain has continued to get worse, but he never addressed it. He hasn’t been able to play basketball in ten years.


Thankfully, biking didn’t seem to hurt too much, but it started to become painful over time. He finally realized he needed to address it, so he went in for therapy and saw Danielle Orland, owner of Body Connection Physical Therapy.

Danielle explained that his sneakers offered him no support at all. She also measured his range of motion and realized that he had very little mobility. Dr Stork said wasn’t sure why he let it get so bad, but worked on mobility and flexibility. He also got orthotics to help. Dr Stork said he ignored it because he thought it was silly. He said he realized the best thing to do is address the injury and not wait for it to get worse. He also realized how important it is to wear the right pair of shoes.

Do you suffer from foot pain? What have you done to find relief?


The Drs: Posh 365 Designer Dog Beds

The Doctors then welcomed Moll Anderson to the show to share her best Doctors Deals. She explained that this week, she was going with a pet theme. She started by sharing a deal on Posh 365 designer dog beds. The beds are adorable and durable but normally cost $80. You can get one for just $54, a savings of 33%!

The Drs: Paw Pack Subscription

Next, Moll shared that you can get the Paw Pack 2-Month Pet Pack Subscription that contains treats and toys. Normally, you would pay $70, but you can get the subscription for just $35, or 50% off!

The Drs: Health Monitoring Perfect Litter Cat Litter

Finally, Moll explained that she had a deal on lightweight kitty litter that can actually monitor the pH level of your feline. The Perfect Litter cat litter normally costs $90 for a six-month supply, but you can save 56% and get it for just $40.

The Drs: Panera Bread Removing Unhealthy Ingredients

The Doctors then shared the latest news in their News in 2:00. They shared that this week, Panera Bread released their list of ingredients that the chain will be removing from their menu. Panera claims to be the first national restaurant to share a list of unacceptable ingredients.

The Drs: Walking Man Documentary

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in the new documentary, Walking Man, a father and son share their personal story about their own struggles. Mark and Eric embark on a 200 mile walk through the back roads of America to educate students on mental health issues and confront their own personal demons.

The Drs: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you still haven’t found the perfect gift, they had three suggestions. If you’re going with sweets, get dark chocolate which contains antioxidants which help minimize free radicals. Second, skip expensive restaurant brunch that can be unhealthy and make mom brunch at home. You can even use recipes from The Doctors Diet Cookbook. Third, give mom the gift of sleep by buying her products that will boost her quality of sleep.

What do you plan on doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?

The Drs: Wash Hair After Swimming

The Doctors explained that swimming in chlorinated water can leave you with that awful greenish tint in your hair. To avoid that, try an aspirin wash. Grab some aspirin and crush it into your shampoo dose and apply it to your hair after you go swimming.


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