The Doctors: Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer, Germ Guardian & Pill Glide


The Doctors TV Show did a segment called 40 Ways to Fight the Flu so that we can outsmart the cold and flu season.  A few of the Flu Fighting Tips on The Drs TV Show were High Tech Gadgets for the Flu Season.  These products are definite must have’s and would make wonderful holiday presents! The Doctors Violight Cellphone Cleaner

The Doctors TV Show: Seal Safe Washable Keyboard & Dishwasher Safe

The Doctors showed a Seal Shield Washable Keyboard, which is washable and dishwasher safe.  Did you know that your keyboard has more germs on it than a toilet?  The Seal Shield Washable Keyboard can be totally disinfected since you can clean it with soap – do not try that with your regular keyboard!


The Doctors TV Show: Seal Safe Washable Mouse

The Doctors also showed a Seal Shield Washable Mouse, which can also be put in the dishwasher.  They even make a Washable Remote Control for your TV!

The Doctors TV Show: Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer

Another product that The Doctors said carries a lot of germs is your cell phone, but clearly this cannot go in the dishwasher.  This is why you need a Violight UV Cellphone Sanitizer, because you just place your cell phone inside of the unit and it completely disinfects your phone with UV light.  Another option is to use Electronic Wipes.

The Doctors TV Show: The Handler Keychain

I loved this product that The Doctors showed!  It is basically a keychain with a little handle that pops out called The Handler, and you can use it to open anything germy from doors to toilet seats to the toilet handle.


The Doctors TV Show: The Buzzy Bee For Shots

The Doctors showed a great product for kids who are scared of shots or for people who hate getting shots because of the pain.  The Buzzy Bee for Shots is a bee with wings made of a gel pad that can be frozen, then you apply it to the area where the shot will be given for 30 seconds and it vibrates, and then you move it to right above where the shot will be given, and your nerve cells get confused so you do not feel the shot at all.

The Doctors TV Show: Pill Glide for Swallowing Pills

The Doctors said that people who have trouble swallowing pills should try the Pill Glide Spray, which creates a frictionless barrier between your mouth and the pill so that it slides right down your throat.

The Doctors TV Show: Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer

The Doctors showed the Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer, which is great for cleaning the air in your home or office.  The air in your home is usually worse for you than the air outside, so the Germ Guardian uses a UV Light to clean the air – plus it looks nicer than many Air Cleaners!


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