The Doctors: USB Gloves, Beard Head Hat, Cold Avenger & Video Goggles


The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family. The Drs TV Show mentioned some great products to winterize yourself with this season including a Beard Head Hat, USB Gloves, Columbia Bugathermo Techlite Boots, The Cold Avenger, Liquid Image Video Goggles and Columbia Omni Heat Hats.  These are definite Winter Must Haves! The Doctors TV Show Winter Must Haves

The Doctors TV Show: International Falls

The Doctors showed a family who loves in International Falls, MN which is the coldest city in America or the icebox of the nation!  They do lots of fun sports like frozen turkey bowling in this city that is on the border of Canada.  From ice hockey to snowshoeing, there are tons of winter sports, but you have to bundle up well to not freeze in this city!


The Doctors: Beard Head Hat

Dr Travis Stork’s favorite winter product is something called the Beard Head Hat, because it is important to double up layers and to cover your head, which is where you lose a lot of body heat.  The Beard Head Hat covers your head and face, while making you look like you have a beard – so cute!

The Doctors: USB Gloves

Dr Lisa Masterson’s Winter Must Have are a pair of USB Gloves that you can plug into your computer to keep your fingers nice and toasty warm.  What a brilliant idea!

The Doctors: Columbia Bugathermo Techlite Boots

Dr Jim Sears’ Winter Must Have are the Columbia Bugathermo Techlite Boots which have a heating element inside and will keep your feet nice and warm outside.  There are three different heat settings and a rechargeable battery that lasts for several hours.


The Doctors: The Cold Avenger

Dr Andrew Ordon’s Winter Must Have is a product called The Cold Avenger which wraps around your face and has a system that actually heats and humidifies your face as you breathe so that your face stays warm and moist.

The Doctors: Liquid Image Video Goggles

The final Winter Must Have is a very fun pair of Liquid Image Video Goggles which takes hours of video so that you can download onto your computer your entire ski trip. This is very similar to the Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Goggles, which is awesome!

The Doctors: Columbia Omni Heat Hat

Everyone in the Doctors Audience received a free Columbia Omni Heat Hat and the family from International Falls won all of the other fabulous Winter Must Have items!


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