The Doctors: Twilight Turtle Night Light Product Review


The Drs: Night Lights & Kids Afraid Of The Dark

A mom said her son is afraid of the dark and she wants to put a night light in his room. She asked The Doctors whether that would disrupt sleep. Dr. Jim Sears said it’s a Catch-22: light disrupts sleep, but kids who are afraid of the dark won’t be sleeping much to begin with.

The Drs: Glow Vs Incandescent Night Light

Which type of night light will help your kids sleep best?


Glow Night Light Vs Incandescent Night Light

Dr. Jim recommended a Glow Night Light instead of an Incandescent Night Light. It’s a lower light but still provides enough light to help kids navigate a dark room.

The Drs TV: Twilight Turtle Review

Dr. Jim also recommended the Twilight Turtle for kids who are afraid of the dark. It’s a battery-powered stuffed turtle that glows in the dark. It projects stars from the back of its shell onto the wall or ceiling, forming replicas of the actual constellations found in the sky, so it’s educational too.

It also has a 45-minute timer, so it shuts off automatically once your child falls asleep. You can purchase your own Twilight Turtle by clicking here.


The Doctors: Glow In The Dark Stars

If you’re still on the fence about artificial light in your child’s room, there’s a solution. You can also buy a pack of Glow In The Dark Stars that stick to the ceiling.

You can make whatever patterns you like. They absorb light during the day and glow at night once the lights are off. I had these when I was a kid and they were a lot of fun.

Click here to purchase Glow In The Dark Stars.

The Drs TV: How Dark Is Your Bedroom

Darkness naturally helps us sleep at night, and things like blackout curtains can help you make your room darker. But The Doctors showed video of a man who went to extremes, eliminating all artificial light in his home after sunset. This included unplugging all electronics and even the refrigerator light. That’s kind of crazy.

Experiment: One Month Without Artificial Light

The Doctors welcomed JD to explain his wacky experiment, which he did to improve his sleeping patterns. “Artificial light disrupts Melatonin production, which helps you get sleepy,” JD said. With darkness falling earlier in the winter, JD and his family would read or play by candlelight.

He said they would go to bed around 9 p.m., and it completely changed their emotional state. “We were more confident, more optimistic, more energetic,” JD said. He admitted that this was a difficult experiment. Now that it’s over, he has made ongoing changes to continue to maintain good sleep habits.

The Doctors: Flux Computer Monitor Light Software

JD said he uses a software called Flux, which cuts out the blue light from computer monitors, leaving just red light, which doesn’t disrupt Melatonin. You can find the Flux software online at


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