The Doctors TV Show: Winterize Your Dog: Bag Balm & Dog Boots

The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family.  The Drs TV Show mentioned some tips for How to Winterize Your Dog. The Doctors Bag Balm For Dog Paws

The Doctors TV Show: Dog Boots or Dog Mitts

The Doctors mentioned that chemical de-icers that people use to remove ice and snow can hurt your doggy’s paws.  Try using something like these Dog Boots, or if your dog will not keep booties on, I have heard wonderful things about this product: Invisible Dog Boots.


The Doctors: Bag Balm for Dog’s Paws

The Doctors said that after your dog comes in from being outside, you should apply some Bag Balm, which is great for moisturizing their paws.


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