The Doctors TV Show: Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

The Drs TV Show: Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer

The Doctors TV Show (“Blame This Not That”) spoke about a great new device for sanitizing your cell phone, the Violight Cellphone Sanitizer.  Did you know that your mobile phone is dirtier that the bottom of your shoe and even dirtier than a toilet seat?  Think about all of the places that you see people put down their cell phones: next to toilets, on counter-tops in the bathroom, etc.  People even talk on their cell phone while going to the bathroom.  Plus, especially during cold season, we sneeze into our phones and pass it on to someone else in our family.  But what is the best way to clean a cell phone?  There are antibacterial wipes, but sometimes they can damage the face of the cell phone.

The Doctors: Cell Phone Sanitizer

Dr Andrew Ordon said that in addition to spreading germs that can make you sick, dirty cell phones can actually make your skin breakout on the side of your face where you hold the The Doctors TV Show Violight Cellphone Sanitizerphone.  Dr Travis Stork demonstrated how to use the Violight Cellphone Sanitizer.  You just open up the top, place your cell phone into a slot, close the top, and a blue light on the outside lights up to let you know that it is sanitizing your phone.  The Violight Cellphone Sanitizer can eliminate up to 99% of germs and bacteria in just 5 minutes.  Dr Travis said that he has been more conscious of cleaning his cell phone with this device all winter long, and he has not been sick one day yet!


I love the concept of the Violight Cellphone Sanitizer, so I did a little bit of research and found that the same company also makes another device for sanitizing toothbrushes: VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer.  Guess what is on my wish list for Mother’s Day?


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