The Doctors TV Show: The Stick Self Massage Therapeutic Stick & RICE


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on encouraging us to Find Out What’s Wrong and Fix It.  I absolutely love Natural Home Remedies and so I loved the segments that spoke about The Doctors Cough Remedy, an Eye Drop Pimple Remedy and a Frozen Q-Tip Puffy Eye Remedy. The Doctors The Stick Massager

The Doctors: The Stick Self Massage Therapeutic Stick

Dr Travis Stork said that when people have muscle soreness, he always tells them to remember the acronym R.I.C.E. which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  However, sometimes muscle soreness can be a good thing, like when you workout at the gym and your muscles are sore from getting micro-tears.  This can be a good pain, but R.I.C.E. can help to decrease your pain.  In addition, Dr Travis said that he loves The Stick, which is a Therapeutic Stick that helps with muscle pain.  By rubbing The Stick over your sore muscles, it is like giving yourself a deep tissue massage.  Dr Stork said that one of his favorite things to do after a long bike ride is to massage the outside of his thigh muscles with The Stick, because this is an area that can get stiff.  After reading the reviews and hearing The Doctors totally rave about this product, I cannot wait to try The Stick!  Apparently, it is even used by the Mayo Clinic and by professional sports teams.



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