The Doctors TV Show: Glo Bag & Dirty Gym Bag Bacteria


The Doctors: Glo Bag Gym Bag

The Doctors TV Show covered Surprising Health Dangers today.  One of the health dangers was related to dirty Gym Bags and the bacteria found inside of them.  Do you throw your sneakers in your gym bag along with the towel you use to dry your face and your water bottle?  After reading what The Drs had to say about the bacteria identified inside of Gym Bags, you might rethink your habits or purchase The Glo Bag(or a more reasonably priced alternative like the OGIO Locker Bag).

The Drs: Gym Bag Bacteria

Dr Jim Sears stopped several people leaving a gym and asked them if he could check out their Gym Bags.  One man had his headphones (which go inside of his ear), along with the mouth of The Drs TV Show Glo Bag Gym Baghis water bottle, touching the inside of his sneaker.  Another lady (who had the cutest Gym Bag that looked like a stereo!) was carrying two pairs of sneakers that were on top of the towel that she uses to wipe the sweat off of her face.  What is even worse is that she uses the same towel to wipe her face as she uses to sit on so that she does not touch the bacteria on the gym equipment.  Dr Sears went over all of the Gym Bags with a cotton swab and sent them off to a lab.


The Doctors TV: Glo Bag

The results of the swab test showed that every single Gym Bag had bateria inside of it, and many of them had fecal bacteria.  Another bacteria found causes inflammation around the heart, and yet another strain can cause Pneumonia.  They even found EColi in the cute yellow stereo gym bag!  Dr Jim Sears said that sneakers step in all kinds of things on the ground, including animal feces.  In fact, the bottom of your shoe contains 100 times more fungus than a toilet seat does.  Dr Lisa Masterson made another interesting point, which is that women can get the same fungus from wearing a sports bra as men get from Jock Itch.  So keep your sports bras clean ladies!

Dr Jim Sears said that you should always wash out your gym bag and let it dry out fully, plus you should keep your shoes separate from the other things in your bag.  Dr Travis Stork said that one of his favorite solutions is The Glo Bag, which has a separate compartment for shoes, dirty clothes, and even a sealed zipper section for a clean set of clothes.  I love this concept, and after doing some research, I also found a highly ranked Gym Bag that is similar to The Glo Bag, but costs a bit less.  This alternative Gym Bag is called the OGIO Locker Bag.


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