The Doctors TV Show: Better Marriage Blanket or Fart Blanket


The Doctors TV Show spoke about Middle Of The Night Gas and Nighttime Flatulence.  Have you ever been woken up by your partner farting?  My husband is definitely guilty of Nighttime Gas – no matter what he eats for dinner, in the middle of the night when he is fast asleep, he farts!  And I am sure that many of you have this same problem.  So, The Drs TV Show went out about solving this problem for us.

The Doctors: How to Stop Farting

1.  If you increase the fruits and vegetables that you eat, then your digestion may improve and you will have less The Doctors Better Marriage Blanketgas.


2.  Eat small meals instead of large meals.

3.  Skip the spicy foods, tea and coffee.

4.  If burping is a problem, you can try to drink a glass of warm water, because that can help to settle your diaphragm so that you stop burping.


The Doctors TV Show: Fart Blanket or Better Marriage Blanket

The Doctors TV Show spoke about a fabulous product called the Better Marriage Blanket, which has a layer of carbon that can absorb odors.  Passing gas or farting is totally natural and everyone does it 14 times a day, but at night you can get rid of the horrible smells caused by hydrogen sulfide and other compounds by sleeping with the Fart Absorbing Blankets called the Better Marriage Blanket – brilliant!



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