The Doctors: TRX Training System Review & Dramatic Transformations


The Doctors: TRX Training System

There are plenty of methods out there that claim to get you fit and healthy, but how do you know they really work? The Doctors took a look at the TRX Training System and found out how it works– they even tried it firsthand!

The Doctors threw on their gym clothes and were joined by Pete Holman, physical therapist and TRX trainer. Pete explained that the TRX Training System works through rotation, control, core strength, and balance. It works your muscles and gives your body a complete metabolic workout.


The Doctors: TRX Training System Review & Dramatic Transformations

The Doctors tested out a great metabolic workout, the TRX Training System.

The Doctors tried out some of the TRX Training System moves, such as the “rip rebounder.” The system uses bars connected to cords that lengthen along with your body, producing a balanced workout. All of the Doctors seemed to be enjoying by their metabolic workout, and everyone was given a chance to try it out at home when the audience received a complete TRX Training System.

The Doctors: Most Dramatic Transformations

Let’s not forget that it was makeover day at the Doctors, and the audience’s big reveal was still to come. But first, the Doctors took a look at some dramatic transformations, including a bride who was struggling to meet her goal weight.


Bride-to-be Lulu had already lost a significant amount of weight, but she was looking to hit her goal weight of 145 pounds just before her wedding day. Lulu met with Charles D’Angelo, who helped her form a plan that included healthy eating and the right amount of exercise for her.

The Doctors were happy to reveal that Lulu did indeed meet her goal weight, and she joined the Doctors on stage looking fabulous and fit. However, there was still one more problem: Lulu was postponing her wedding because she could not afford a nice wedding dress. David’s Bridal came to the rescue, and offered Lulu a beautiful wedding gown so that she could look and feel great on her special day.

The Doctors: Audience Makeover Reveal

The biggest reveal on The Doctors was the studio audience themselves! After a team of more than 100 people provided new clothes, new makeup, and new hair, the audience’s new looks were debuted to America. Everyone looked sleek and glamorous; what a perfect way to celebrate the new season of The Doctors!


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