The Doctors: Theraspecs Prevent Migraines & Worst Position to Sleep In


The Doctors: What Is the Best Position To Sleep In?

The Doctors: Theraspecs Prevent Migraines & Worst Position to Sleep In

The Doctors talked with Dr. Michael Breus about the best and worst positions to sleep in and they revealed how Theraspecs can prevent migraines.

Sometimes your favorite sleeping position can cause neck pain, sore shoulder and even abdominal pains. The Doctors wanted to find out which position is the best position to sleep in so they called on sleep expert Dr. Breus.


The first bit of information Dr. Breus shared is that there is no perfect sleeping position. He said it all depends on a number of factors.

Sleeping On Your Back: Most Ideal Position

Dr. Breus said sleeping on your back is the most ideal. It spreads your weight out across your entire frame which puts less stress on your muscles and your body overall.

Sleeping On Your Stomach: Worst Position

The worst position to sleep in is on your stomach. Dr. Breus said sleeping on your stomach causes problems because your head is turned 90 degrees, putting strain on your spine. He added that a dipping bed will cause even more stress on the spine and a pillow that is too hard causes even more spine pain on top of everything else. If you sleep with your arm under your pillow, you are pushing your head even further to the side, causing the spine to twist.


Basically, don’t sleep on your back.

Theraspecs Review

Nearly 29 million Americans suffer from migraines like Suzanne. She told The Doctors she has tried everything to make her migraines go away, from acupuncture to Botox to every type of medication she could find, but nothing helped. She also said her migraines come and go when they please. She has trouble finding her trigger.

The first bit of advice The Doctors had for Suzanne was finding her triggers. If she knows her triggers then she can avoid them.

Second, they suggested she purchase a pair of Theraspecs, sunglasses specifically made to curb the effects of a migraine.

The Theraspecs have a soft and flexible frame that does not press on the scalp too hard, the sunglasses only block out the light wavelengths that cause migraines and they can stop the wavelengths of light coming from a fluorescent bulb from getting to your pupils.


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