The Doctors: The Hiccup Stick Cures Hiccups & Why do Hiccups Happen?


The Doctors: Late Night Informercial Health Products

We have all seen those late night infomercial with products that claim to cure the cold or promise that any stain the world will come out of your favorite shirt if you use their product. While The Doctors probably haven’t ordered any of those products before, they ordered some the other night and brought them on the show.

The Hiccup Stick Review

The Doctors: The Hiccup Stick Cures Hiccups & Why do Hiccups Happen?

The Doctors looked at some late night infomercials and found some funny health related products like The Hiccup Stick.


The first product they looked at was The Hiccup Stick. Dr. Jim Sears demonstrated how the product worked by placing it in his mouth the same way a pirate would carry a knife in his mouth. He then drank some water and said the product actually forces you to suck down some air with the water which could disrupt the bubbles in the esophagus.

What are Hiccups?

So what exactly are the hiccups? The Doctors explained them as being a diaphragm spasm that makes your take a quick breath causing the hiccup sound.

While there is no sure way to cure hiccups, The Doctors all seemed to think The Hiccups Stick might work.


Bacon Flavored Rubbers Review

The fine folks at J&D Foods came up with a new type of rubber that could transform the way you make love. They actually came up with a bacon flavored rubber that can be worn during intercourse.

“You know everything’s better with bacon,” said Dr. Masterson.


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