The Doctors: Sun-Protective Kids Clothing: K&J Sunprotective T-Shirts


The Doctors TV Show was called Health Trends for 2011 today.  Dr Jim Sears found three absolutely adorable kids to model some of the latest and greatest trends in Sun-Protective Clothing For Kids by K&J Sunprotective.

The Doctors: K&J Sunprotective Kids Clothes

Dr Jim Sears said that K&J Sunprotective kids clothes is made of a very tight weave which blocks out The Doctors Sun-Protective T-Shirts99% of the harmful UV Rays.  K&J Sunprotective is a line of clothing created by a dermatologist and mother named Dr Mona Gohara.  All of their Sun-Protective Clothes for Kids are made chemically free, so they are very green and made of 100% cotton.


Dr Jim Sears said that it is very important to protect kids from the sun, even during the winter months, and even if your child is indoors – because the sun can still come in through the windows.  Also, do not forget to have your child wear sunglasses outside to protect his or her eyes.  Dr Sears said that just one blistering sunburn or five non-blistering sunburns as a child can double your risk of melanoma in the future.  I could not resist the temptation of checking out some Sun-Protective clothing for children and I found some very cute Baby Sunglasses.  I have heard great things about K&J Sunprotective T-shirts as well, so they are definitely worth checking out if you have children!  And other companies make sun protective clothing for adults – so even if you do not have children, this is an option to keep in mind.



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    I came across this article when I was looking for sun protective clothing for my 5 year old. K & J’s web site doesn’t work anymore-I tried to find them on Facebook and they stopped posting in 2011.
    But I found a terrific company, Little Leaves Clothing Company, that I wanted to tell you about. Their sun protective shirts and pants were developed by a dermatologist and pediatrician couple and has UPF 50+ with no chemicals. Their fabric is a bamboo/cotton blend. I ordered a shirt for my son, and it’s literally the softest shirt he owns! Thought I’d post their link just in case others are looking for sun protective clothing for kiddos, and you wanted to update with a workiing alternative:

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