The Doctors: Springfree Trampoline Review & Adult Playgrounds


The Doctors: Adrenaline & Exercise

Children love to play, and Recess is one of the best parts of being a kid. Dr. Travis Stork said our bodies are designed to run, jump, climb, and play. You can make adrenaline your drug of choice when you spend time being active.

Adrenaline, or Epinephrine, is released from the Adrenal Glands, stimulating blood flow and flooding the brain with Dopamine, the same chemical produced by drugs and other addictive habits.


“You’re never too old to play,” Dr. Travis said.

The Doctors: Trampoline Safety

Learn what The Doctors recommend for keeping your family safe while playing on trampolines.

The Drs TV: Adult Playground

The Doctors showed video of an indoor adult playground, where people can run, jump, flip, and fly through the air for fun and exercise. It was the Tempest Freerunning Academy, located in Los Angeles.


Dr. Jim Sears is always up for anything, as the show’s official guinea pig. He headed to the adult playground to pick up a few tricks and get a fun workout.

Tempest Freerunning Academy

He met Luci Romberg, the world’s top female freerunner. She agreed to teach him a few moves, including the Quasimodo, which involves climbing a wall and doing a backflip. Dr. Jim said that, at age 45, he is not quite as spry as Lucy.

But he did at least try to keep up with some of her more basic maneuvers, combining them into a slow motion exercise routine that had Lucy in stitches. The Tempest Freerunning Academy looks like a fun place to exercise.

“You’re never too old to act like a kid,” Dr. Jim said.

Springfree Trampoline Review

Dr. Jim found yet another way to play, setting up a new Springfree Trampoline outside the studio. He explained that this is a safer innovation over traditional trampolines, because it does not use hazardous springs, and it’s surrounded by a fiberglass net instead of metal poles.

Trampoline Safety Tips

“100,000 kids are sent annually to hospitals in North America due to injuries from trampolines,” Dr. Travis said. He recommended considering safety rules for trampolines, including a limit of one jumper at a time and restricting play to children and adults over age 6.

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