The Doctors: Sleep Phones Review: Pajamas For Your Ears, Do They Work?


The Doctors: SleepPhones Review & Poor Sleep Advice

The Doctors received a lot of emails and questions asking about the effects of sleep on the body. Many women said their spouses were poor sleepers, snored most of the night and generally had bad sleeping habits. Dr. Travis Stark talked about many different do’s and don’ts related to sleeping and reviewed Sleep Phones, so what is the verdict, do they live up to the slogan “Pajamas For Your Ears?”

The Doctors: Sleep Phones Review: Pajamas For Your Ears, Do They Work?

The Doctors reviewed Sleep Phones, are they really Pajamas For Your Ears? Do They Work?


Is Sleeping On The Couch Bad For You?

Dr. Travis Stark said it is not a good idea to take a nap on the couch after work. Dr. Stark explained sleeping on the couch can mess up your sleep for the entire day. Dr. Stark said when a person goes to sleep at night, that person must reach REM sleep to have a good nights rest. But falling asleep too early in the day can throw off a person’s sleep pattern. Dr. Stark said it is a good idea to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day.

Does Poor Sleep Mean Poor Health?

Dr. Stork explained that poor sleep can reduce a person’s immunity to sickness and will also decrease how well a person’s nerves will work. Dr. Stork said this is the reason many people wake up with neck and back pain. Dr. Stork said the best remedy for the pain is getting a good night’s sleep and sleeping on your side or back and sleeping on a firm mattress.

Dr. Stork said many people never realize how tired they really are. People may also complain that they are having trouble remembering things, which Dr. Stork said is in direct correlation to sleeping. Dr. Stork said the brain stores memories at night while the body is sleeping.


Does Sleep Deprivation Make You Gain Weight?

Dr. Stork talked about sleep deprivation being extremely bad for the body. When a body is sleep deprived, said Dr. Stork, leptin, a key hormone in regulating energy, goes down and a person can take in up to 300 extra calories a day. That is almost akin to eating some fast food items when you are not hungry. Dr. Stork also said the body would be less responsive to insulin, as well as feel more pain, be more hungry and could increase the chance of diabetes when sleep deprived.

Sleep Phones Review

Dr. Stork called an audience member on stage to help him demonstrate good sleeping habits. Dr. Stork first said no electronics in the bedroom. Next, no high sugar foods before bed, only foods that are high protein. Third, Dr. Stork said no drinking alcohol before bed, because it can mess up the sleep cycle. He recommended subbing alcohol for tea. Last, he said no bright lights, as they can mess up melatonin intake in the body. His solution, wear an eye mask and use sleeping headphones to help you sleep. They may look a bit ridiculous, but I know I would wear anything if it made me sleep better.  Clearly Dr Travis Stork is a fan of Sleep Phones, but what do you think?  Have you tried them before?  Do they help you to sleep better?  Chime in and leave your thoughts in the comment section below!



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    I tried Sleep Phones after The Doctors mentioned them last year. They definitely work for me, and I use them several nights a week. (But sometimes they slip off my ears, and I’m afraid they’ll choke me.)

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