The Doctors: Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Review – Does It Work?


The Doctors Hair Removal and Silk'n Flash & Go Review

The Doctors recommended the Silk’n Flash & Go hair removal system that uses light technology to get rid of unwanted hair.

The Doctors: How to Fix Hairy Feet

A viewer, Laura, sent in a video to the doctors detailing her naked feet problems. She said she never lets her feet out of shoes, and doesn’t own a single pair of sandals or opened-toed shoes.


She can never go dancing or go to the beach because her foot hair is too embarrassing. If she shaves her feet in the morning, she has a five o’clock shadow by the end of the day.

Dr. Andrew Ordon gave Laura several options.

The Doctors: Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal System

First up was the Silk’n Flash & Go, a system that uses pulse light technology to remove hair at home. This light therapy needs to be used for several weeks to get results, because hair grows in different waves. Dr. Ordon said this is a very similar machine to one that he has in his office.


Dr. Ordon said the Silk’n Flash & Go is a permanent fix, but it doesn’t deliver immediate results.

Another simple and easy solution is toe waxing. Jill from the Stark Waxing Studio said that it’s important to warm your toes up a bit before waxing because they tend to be cold. Laura said that it didn’t hurt at all, and her results will last a lot longer than shaving.

Dr. Travis Stork sent the audience home with their own Silk’n Flash & Go sets. Is this product something you would try out?


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