The Doctors: ResQMe Keychain & How To Escape A Sinking Car


The Doctors: Rescue Me Keychain

Imagine you are driving over an icy bridge when your car slips off the side and into the water below. You manage to free yourself, but your children are trapped inside. What would you do? This is a true life horror story for a Utah man, but it has a happy ending.

Ben Belnap was among the Utah citizens who rescued three children, who were trapped in a submerged car in an icy river. He and others managed to flip the car over and free the trapped children, according to news footage.


How To Escape A Sinking Car

If you came upon a sinking car full of trapped children, would you know what to do? (Image Credit: Gina Jacobs /

Man Shoots Out Car Window To Save Kids

Former police officer Chris Willden was the first one in the water, and he visited The Doctors to share his story. Chris was driving by when he saw the car had gone off a bridge. He jumped in the freezing water to help the children’s frantic father.

He actually shot through the window of the car, since doors and windows wouldn’t open. He explained that, given his ballistics training, he was able to calculate the angle he should shoot through the window to avoid hitting the passengers inside.


The Drs TV: Heroes Save Trapped Kids

He couldn’t reach the children through the broken window, but then more rescuers arrived to help out. It took eight to ten people to flip the car back over and free the kids.

The group was determined to rescue the children, whose father was driving when the car slipped off a wooden bridge. Two of the kids were unconscious when they were pulled from the car, but all have since recovered.

The Doctors: How To Escape A Sinking Car

This is a scary and dangerous situation. Maybe you’ve seen it in the movies. It seems like one of those situations where I would just hope I wouldn’t panic. I don’t think I’d have a gun on me, and I’d be afraid to shoot out the window from the inside even if I did.

The Drs TVL ResQMe Keychain

Dr. Lisa Masterson said there is a way to be prepared in case you end up in a sinking car. It’s called Rescue Me, and it clips on to your keychain. This is a reusable device that can cut through your seat belt or shatter a car window to help you escape if you’re in danger.

You can click here to purchase the ResQMe Keychain.


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