The Doctors: mOmma Baby Utensils Review & Playing With Your Food


The Doctors: Playing With Your Food

Your parents probably told you when you were a kid that you shouldn’t play with your food. But did you know there can actually be health benefits from doing just that?

Dr. Lisa Masterson said playing with your food can be good for you. Chef Caspar Poyck and his daughter demonstrated the health benefits of eating with your hands.


The Doctors: Playing With Your Food

The Doctors learned with eating with your hands and playing with your food have health benefits.

The Drs TV: Eating With Hands Health Benefits

Eating with your hands is captivating, he said, and it can help you reduce stress. It takes you longer to eat with your hands, which will keep you from overeating, giving your brain and stomach time to catch up with each other.

Caspar said that people around the world have been eating with their hands for centuries, and he is pleased that it is becoming popular again in America. Just be sure you are washing your hands properly before doing this.


Read about Proper Handwashing Techniques.

Eating With Hands Vs Utensils

Dr. Andrew Ordon asked pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears to explain the right time to teach your children to stop eating with their hands and start learning to use proper utensils.

“Take cues from your baby,” he said, suggesting that babies will become interested in your fork or spoon around nine to 12 months. But be sure to use soft utensils designed for babies.

mOmma Baby Utensils Review

He recommended utensils by mOmma, which have round handles because babies tend to grip things with their fists. The other benefit of the big round ball is that it prevents the eating surface from touching the floor when you or your baby drop it.

Click here to check out mOmma’s Baby Utensils.

The Drs TV: Kids Health Advice

Dr. Travis Stork said we can learn a lot about health and happiness from observing our kids and their behavior. Staying active and making exercise fun can help you prevent the upsetting health consequences of old age.

“Kids want to be active. They want to play, and we should never forget that as adults,” he said. “The more active you are, the better your health will be.”


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