The Doctors: Levia Psoriasis & Eczema At Home Light Therapy


The Doctors TV Show did a segment on a new device called Levia which lets patients treat Psoriasis and Eczema at home with a special light therapy.  Having a husband who suffers greatly from eczema, and who has tried literally everything from steroidal creams to methotrexate and other high powered drugs to no avail, this product is truly intriguing! The Doctors TV Show Lavia

The Doctors TV Show: Levia Light Therapy

The Drs TV Show brought Dr Sonia Batra on to demonstrate how to use Levia on a woman with psoriasis.  The woman said that her psoriasis began on her ear, then spread to her scalp, and it just continues to spread.  Dr Matra said that Psoriasis is different from dry skin, which is just annoying and itchy.  Psoriasis has extreme flaking and is very difficult to treat because it is an Autoimmune Disease where your body’s immune system actually turns on itself and starts attacking its own cells.  The Levia helps to decrease redness, flaking and itching.


The Doctors: How to Use Levia

Dr Sonia Batra demonstrated how to use Levia, which is similar in shape and size to a hair dryer.  Levia has a UV Light Source and a fiber optic brush on the end, which makes it easy to apply to area with lots of hair (like your scalp).  Dr Batra said you should use Levia every other day or every two days and you will see improvements in just 2 weeks, but it will take several months to go away completely.

The Doctors: Does Levia Work?

There was a lady in the audience of The Doctors TV Show that she said that she had tried topical and oral steroids to treat her psoriasis, but that nothing ever worked for her until she tried Levia.  After 3 months of using Levia, she was completely clear and free from Psoriasis!



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