The Doctors: Leonisa Shapewear Review & Pound Workout Review


The Drs TV: Leonisa Review

All of us want to look better in our favorite outfits. The Doctors showed off Leonisa Shapewear, which helps smooth out extra curves, creating the impression of a slender figure.

Dr. Andrew Ordon recommended using compression garments. That’s because skin has the ability to stretch or contract. After a cosmetic procedure, compression can help skin tissue bounce back faster. But he cautioned that you must protect any surgical incisions from chafing so they don’t accidentally open up.


The Doctors: Drumming Workout

Rhythmic Drumming using weighted drumsticks is the key to a new workout routine.

Compression Garments After Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that this can also help women get their figure back after having a baby. But it will not help you lose weight without exercise.

Audience member Mary has been wearing the Leonisa Shapewear for a few days, and she said it has made her stand up straighter, improving her posture. Dr. Lisa gave everyone in the audience free Leonisa Shapewear to try out at home.


You can click here to purchase your own Leonisa Shapewear.

The Doctors: Pound Workout Review

A viewer said she is bored with her workouts and wondered what she can do to spice it up. Dr. Travis Stork said the answer can be found in drumsticks.

Christina and Kirsten are the co-creators of the Pound Workout, a new routine based on drumming. Drumming works the core. The creators added cardio, strength training, and weighted drumsticks to create their workout.

The Drs: Drumming Workout

The Doctors tried out the workout, and they did a good job of keeping up with Christina and Kirsten, but unfortunately the drumming noises drowned out most of their workout commentary.

You can learn more about the Pound Workout for yourself at If you have downstairs neighbors, though, they might not love all that drumming on the floor.


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