The Doctors: Jessica Alba & The Honest Company Review


The Doctors: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a busy actress, wife, and mother to two young girls. Jessica’s daughters are Honor, four, and Haven, seven months. Jessica stopped by The Doctors to discuss raising a happy, healthy family.

The Doctors: Are Chocolate Lovers Thinner?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? However, what we tend to think of as an indulgence might actually help us stay thinner. Dr Stork revealed that a recent University of San Diego study found consumers of chocolate (in moderation, of course) to have a lower body mass index than those who didn’t.


However, don’t forget that chocolate bars can have a lot of saturated fat. It’s better to indulge in just a bit of what you’re craving, without going overboard.

The Doctors: Should a Child Ever Go on a Diet?

Jessica Alba Honest Company: The Doctors

Actress and mom of two Jessica Alba discussed her eco-friendly product line, The Honest Company, on The Doctors. (Featureflash /

A female writer recently sparked a big controversy when she wrote about putting her overweight six-year-old daughter on a very strict diet. The mother banned her daughter from eating the foods that she wanted, even admonishing her in public for eating the wrong things. This got the Doctors thinking: how young is too young for a diet?


Dr Masterson said that, even if your child should be dieting for health reasons, you should never make a child feel badly about themselves. Jessica suggested a far better method, which was for the entire family to change their eating habits together. This way, it’s not really a diet, but a healthy lifestyle choice.

Jessica revealed that she keeps her family healthy by avoiding processed or packaged foods and feeding her children fresh produce, lean protein, and whole grains. She even gives her daughter flavored seltzer water and tells her it’s soda! This elicited a high-five from Dr Stork.

All of The Doctors agreed that fresh foods and healthy habits are far more effective than a strictly enforced diet.

Jessica Alba: The Honest Company Review

Because Jessica is so committed to creating a healthy lifestyle, she even has her own line of household and cleaning products called The Honest Company. The products fulfill every need for parents, from cleaning supplies to diapers. Everything is eco-friendly, plus very cute!

Jessica’s business partner,  Christopher Gavigan, also appeared to talk about the Honest Company. When Jessica read Christopher’s book, Healthy Child, Healthy World, she was shocked to learn that there were all kinds of toxic chemicals found in some of the products we use every day. “I was horrified that we’re exposing our kids to these toxic chemicals and we’re not even aware of it,” Jessica said.

Jessica revealed that she is now writing her own book on motherhood and keeping a healthy lifestyle, two things that are very important to her.


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